Socks, also sometimes called stockings, are small accessories that keep your feet protected and warm. Most socks are made out of cotton, though you can find socks in all types of materials depending on your needs. Cotton socks are best for physical activity and daily use, while you can find fuzzy socks for added warmth and thin socks for specific types of shoes. Custom socks are a great way to make your own styles to match outfits and add a bit of personality to your apparel.

When Were Socks Invented?

Ancient humans used socks as far back as the 8th century BC in Greece. That long ago, socks were made out of animal skins and fur to protect people’s feet and keep them warm. Back then, most people worked outside and needed thick socks to protect them outside. While inside, people didn’t have heat, so socks also helped keep them warm and protect them from frostbite. These days, socks still serve many of the same purposes. Socks keep our feet extra protected and comfortable while we’re wearing shoes, and they help keep us warm inside as well. Since we’ve evolved, our socks are now usually made of cotton, and we can get creative with fun sock designs.

Types of Socks

Socks are very versatile – everyday socks are designed for comfort or warmth, while athletic socks are specially made for moisture-wicking and support. Novelty socks can be a fun addition to any outfit, and personalized socks make fun photos and memories last forever. You can also find highly functional compression socks used to help regulate blood flow for athletes and people with any type of discomfort caused by swollen, painful feet.

Funny Socks

Funny socks, or novelty socks, are so popular because they can add a fun pop of color to any outfit. You can also wear funny picture socks at home while you’re lounging to appreciate the cool designs. Funny socks can be themed by holidays, such as Christmas and Halloween, or they can have funny sayings and photos. Customizable socks are easy to turn into a funny accessory since you can add goofy pictures of your friends and family.

Compression Socks

Compression socks are helpful for anyone with poor blood flow. Compression socks are slightly tighter than normal socks, which help keep blood flowing throughout your feet to prevent pain and swelling.

Athletic Socks

While running or working out, you can wear any type of socks. Yet, specific athletic socks may be more comfortable. Lightweight socks with moisture-wicking fabric are great for keeping your feet dry while you’re sweating. You may also opt for cushioned socks to help your feet feel better while you’re running or walking.

Personalized Socks

Making your own custom printed socks is the best way to create fun socks that you can wear daily or give as gifts. You can create customized socks for nearly any occasion, including Christmas socks and Halloween socks. For daily use, you can also create custom face socks with any of your favorite photos. Custom print socks give you the freedom to make your own designs without sacrificing warmth or comfort.

How to Create Custom Socks

With Shutterfly, you can easily create cotton socks with pictures on them. Create women’s socks and socks for men by choosing between two different size ranges. Simply pick a sock design and the number of photos you’d like to add, and then you can customize your photo socks with a unique layout. Shutterfly’s printed socks can also include short text like monograms, names, and quotes. Customized socks are perfect for feeling festive during the holidays or giving to your friends and family as gifts throughout the year. Get creative by putting your pet’s face on socks or use baby photos to make the best socks as birthday gifts.

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