Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

Wedding planning includes budgeting, organization, and coordination to prepare for a wedding day. Depending on how big the wedding will be and if it includes travel, weddings can take a year or more to plan. Couples can choose DIY wedding planning or hire a professional wedding planner to make sure everything is prepared for the big day.

How to Plan a Wedding

The essential parts of wedding planning include budgeting, prioritization, and scheduling. Planning a wedding is just like planning any large event. Many couples enjoy the fun aspects of wedding planning like being able to choose a design aesthetic and gathering family and friends together for additional events leading up to the big day. When planning a wedding, it’s important to understand which steps come first so everything is coordinated on time.

1. Create a Wedding Planning Checklist

Use the following wedding planning checklist to make sure nothing’s missed before the big day:

  1. Develop a budget and wedding planning timeline
  2. Determine your wedding style
  3. Choose a venue and set a date
  4. Develop a guest list and wedding party
  5. Send out save the dates
  6. Interview and select vendors
  7. Design and print wedding invitations to send out
  8. Plan the bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and honeymoon
  9. Choose personalized wedding gifts for guests
  10. Prepare thank you cards
  11. Choose a wedding dress and wedding party attire
  12. Plan wedding day itinerary and schedule
  13. Make final design and day-of decor decisions

2. Send Custom Wedding Invitations

Creating custom wedding invitations is the best way to set the tone for your wedding and make sure your guests have all the information they need. Unique wedding invites can show off your style and get everyone excited to attend. 

When planning, many couples wonder when to send out wedding invitations. In general, your invites should be sent no later than two months before your wedding day. They should come a few months after your save the dates but with enough time for guests to prepare attire and travel if needed.

3. Consider a Wedding Planner

If wedding planning becomes too overwhelming, a wedding planner can take most of the efforts off your plate. Especially if you’re having a big wedding, the planning can easily become time-consuming and even difficult. Though a wedding planner helps with coordination, you’ll still be able to make all the final decisions about wedding invitations, decor, and more.

Create a Memorable Wedding Day

On your wedding day, the most important thing to do is enjoy the time. On the day of, your wedding to-do list may just include last-minute preparations such as setting up tables and double-checking your wedding party has everything they need. To help the day run as smoothly as possible, make sure everyone involved understands the wedding itinerary. 

Be sure to take plenty of wedding photos so you can capture your memories. Your wedding day will go by faster than you think, but custom wedding keepsakes can help you cherish the day long after it ends.

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