Wedding Season

Wedding Season

Wedding season in the U.S. usually runs from early spring or late summer until early fall. By understanding the peak wedding season, it can help you plan when to get married. Weddings during this time are usually favorable because of nice weather throughout most of the U.S., though prices for venues and certain vendors are usually higher. Getting married during wedding season is best for outdoor ceremonies, though it’s also the best time for outdoor photos and other activities.

When Is Wedding Season?

Peak wedding season usually starts around March and ends in October, though exact months can vary depending on the region. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you’ll usually have the best weather during a spring wedding or September wedding. During these months, the weather isn’t too hot or too cold. Depending on where you live, you may need to consider rainy weather. 

Many couples choose to marry during the off-peak wedding season, which includes most of winter and summer. Getting married during off-peak can be more cost-effective since vendors usually run special deals to make up for fewer clients. If you’re planning an indoor wedding, the weather likely won’t affect your ceremony or reception, making it more ideal to take advantage of off-peak weather.

Preparing for Wedding Season 2021

Wedding season 2021 will begin early in the year around March and extend until October. If you’re planning to get married during the wedding season, preparations should begin at least six months out, though your timeline will depend on your wedding size.

To prepare for your wedding, begin shopping for different styles of wedding programs, wedding invitations, and more. Through Shutterfly, couples can request free wedding sample kits to preview specific designs and invitation types before making a decision. The more you prepare ahead of time, the less stress you’ll feel leading up to the wedding day.

Using Seasons to Guide Wedding Planning

When you choose a season for your wedding, it can help guide your planning. For example, consider if you’ll be getting married in June, which is usually a dry month in certain areas. In this case, you likely won’t have to spend much time creating a rain plan. Knowing what the weather will be means you can also choose a wedding dress and set your dress code accordingly. 

You can also use seasons to help guide your ceremony and wedding reception decor. Choose floral arrangements that are fresh for the season to make your wedding feel natural and beautiful. Regardless of which wedding season you choose, you can make sure your wedding honors your relationship and creates a memorable time for family and friends.

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