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Going Away Party Ideas

There are many occasions in life when we say goodbye to one chapter and hello to the next. What better way is there to mark this special time in your life then with a party? Remember that this isn’t goodbye forever, so your celebrations needn’t be sad. Check out a few of our farewell party ideas below.

What are Common Occasions for a Going Away Party?

Below are the three most common occasions for a going away party:

Hosting a Going Away Party Etiquette

When to send out going away party invitations will depend on how formal the party you’re throwing will be. If your nighttime elegant dinner party is going to require a lot of planning you’ll need time to get RSVP’s and prepare. If you’re planning a daytime drop in with finger foods you won’t necessarily need so much time to plan.

Going Away Party Themes

Parties are always a time for great celebration, laughter, food and drink. Make your celebration a little livelier by picking out a theme. Choosing a party theme is a fun way to celebrate and it gives your guests something to anticipate. This should be one of the first steps on your party planning to-do list, seeing as almost all the party essentials you pick out will depend on the theme. We’re talking about custom going away party invitations, décor, food and more. No matter whom you are sending off or where you are sending them off to, there is sure to be a going away party theme that is just the fit for the occasion. Maybe the theme you select won’t have much to do with the occasion at all, that’s perfectly fine too. Just make sure that the theme you select perfectly fits the guest of honor since this is his/her big send off. Put your party planning hats on and get creative. The best advice we can give is to throw a party that you would want to attend. Below are a few of our favorite farewell party themes.

Future Destination

Give your guests a taste of your new home with a ‘future destination’ themed party. This is the perfect way to celebrate out with the old and in with the new. You can make food that the city you’re headed to is famous for. You can decorate with tourist destinations located in your new city. This theme is really trying to bring a little bit of your new home to all the dear friends you’ve made.

Bon Voyage

This exclamation is used to express good wishes to someone about to go on a journey. We must ask ourselves if there could really be a more fitting theme for a going away soirée? We don’t think so. When it comes to décor think airplanes and maps for this fitting theme.

Adios Amigos

For this theme, we are thinking a fun fiesta featuring delicious Mexican food, bright red and yellow colored party décor, a piñata and maybe even some sombreros too. Your photo booth props can feature, margaritas, cactus and maracas galore. It’s time to put the fiest in fiesta.

Packing Party

Who said it was frowned upon to put guests to work at your own party? We sure didn’t. One of our favorite themes for sending a loved one off is a packing party. That’s right, bring out the duct tape and boxes because your guests are going to be the best moving crew you’ve had yet. We all dread the ‘packing’ part of a big move so we thought we’d make it a little more fun with the help of friends and fam.

Western Send Off Party

Say the guest of honor is headed to the Midwest. Why not send them off with a western throw down that will make them feel like they’re already settled into their new home.

Color Themed Party

If the guest of honor isn’t really into s cute-sy themed saying goodbye party, then you can just go with any color combo. This will make the planning a lot easier for you and give the party a uniform feel. The following color combos are some that we absolutely love.

Going Away Dinner Party

For a more sophisticated feel, have a dinner party. Each guest can bring a dish and you can eat under the stars of feast inside depending on the weather. Below are some fantastic party ideas revolving around everyone’s favorite thing, food.

When it comes to party themes, the options are endless. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on a party theme. You should always consider the weather and season so your party theme can be successful. You don’t want to plan a BBQ party during a rainy season or host an outdoor dinner party in the winter. Before settling on a theme, you should also consult with the guest of honor if they’re not hosting the party. The guest of honor will usually have a preference or an idea that may be near and dear to their heart, especially if you’re throwing the party at their house.

Going Away Party Games

Between all of the reminiscing and sharing of memories, there may be some time during the party to play a few games. Choosing games that focus on the guest of honor is a great way to celebrate him/her moving onto the next adventure. Plus, you’ll want to keep the guests entertained and spread good cheer during such a bittersweet moment. Check these going away party game options out below:

Going Away Party Decorations

When it comes to going away party décor, a lot of your stuff is likely packed up and ready for the big move. This means that it’s time to hit the dollar store for all your party essentials. The best way to celebrate a farewell is with streamers, balloons and banners of course. You can also print out some of your favorite photos or memories with loved ones and hang them around the party area. Since this is a going away party, you can add more thoughtful ideas in addition to the basics, such as a creating a peel-on chalkboard wall where guests can write down their favorite things about the honoree. For more party decoration ideas, look to your theme for inspiration and buy accordingly to amplify your theme.

Here are a few decoration ideas:

Between the occasion, the etiquette, the theme, the décor and the games you should be covered when it comes to planning the perfect going away soirée. Remember that going away parties should be both sentimental and fun.