38 Inviting Kitchen Wall Colors

For most families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we do our homework, share family meals, and memories with neighbors and friends. These are all things to consider when entertaining kitchen color ideas.

Repainting your kitchen doesn’t have to be overwhelming, but it does require a little planning. What feeling do you want to evoke when friends and family visit? Before you consider painting your walls, decide on a kitchen color scheme to create a warm, inviting space.

1. Bright White

White kitchen with hardwood floors.

White symbolizes simplicity, minimalism, and pureness. It’s perfect for your wall color, kitchen cabinets, and accents. Play it down with hardwood flooring and black appliances for a modern look.

2. Muted Blue

A lovely muted blue with graphite grey undertones is a favorite in the northeast. Add a sky blue kitchen table or olive tone artwork to create a beautiful kitchen that is both cool and calm.

3. Jade Green

Large, picnic-style tables are ideal against this light, outdoor-feel color. Pair this bold color with any of the neutrals or use wall decor to create dramatic contrasts.

4. Taupe

Timeless, comforting and cool—taupe is a creamy, neutral shade with just a touch of yellow. This trendy color works well in any room of the home, so why not the kitchen? It’s where you and your family spend most of your time.

5. Exposed Brick

Exposed brick wall in kitchen.

Earthy red colors can warm up any room, but in the kitchen, they are especially inviting. Use the elements already in your kitchen, like exposed brick, with white or beige accents.

6. Sandy Desert

Airy, open, and simple to clean. This is the way to win the kitchen remodel game. Choosing a clean, off-white textured tone can help improve your resale value.

7. Lemon Chiffon

Breathe life into your home with gentle kitchen paint colors that pair incredibly well with whites and brighter yellows. White kitchen cabinets or white subway tile pair nicely with a lemon accent wall.

8. Indigo Blue

Deep blue has its place in the kitchen. While it’s not ideal for kitchen backsplashes, it does make the perfect addition to a kitchen-dining area.

9. Neutral Gray

Gray and white kitchen.

Bring dramatic flair to your home with neutral gray kitchen wall paint colors and deeper shades of gray for your cabinets. Gray is versatile and easy to pair with any other color or wall decor.

10. Eggplant Plum

A dark, amethyst purple with paisley undertones will lend depth and class to your living room. You and guests will feel like royalty while sharing a meal.

11. Cantaloupe Orange

This underutilized color is one that will bring a smile to your face each morning as you watch the sunrise. It’s both bold and inviting to add a pop of color to your culinary space.

12. Smoky Rose

To decorate a small kitchen, stay on the lighter side of decor. The clean, yet colorful color lightens the kitchen and is an effective way to bring a hint of color to a drab room when used as an accent.

13. Subway Style

White subway tile on kitchen wall.

Not of fan of painting your walls? Subway tile is a popular kitchen backsplash in a farmhouse or country kitchen but also works well in modern or contemporary homes. Make a bold choice with black, or stick with the classic white.

14. Perfectly Pewter

Pewter is a muted shade of silver-gray that varies from light to medium tones. Change the focus by using this accent color as an against the openness of white cabinets and french doors.

15. Sky Blue

Farmhouse style is in and all you need to do is create a comfortable, relaxed feeling in the kitchen. Blue kitchen cabinets ring a homey feel to any room of the house.

16. French Roast

If you’re a coffee-lover, this deep brown-black color gives any kitchen a facelift. There are dozens of wall art options to inspire a French cafe kitchen or stylish Parisian design.

17. Tangerine Tango

What’s more fun than a bright tangerine accent wall? Create a stark contrast with bright colorful prints in a deep orange or downplay warm tones with works of art that feature tangerine orange.

18. Terra Cotta

Brown wall in modern kitchen.

This rich reddish brown is a natural fit for kitchens. Use as an accent wall, hang a blackboard as a centerpiece, or use plants to naturally enhance its reddish hue.

19. Violet Rhapsody

Feeling adventurous? Add a splash of bright violet on your walls. It pairs beautifully with beige, neutral, or white for a moody color scheme.

20. Pecan Gold

This combination can bring depth and drama to any room and works best when adding a colorful rug. Gold can be overwhelming, so use it sparingly against more neutral colors.

21. Citrus Punch

Blend the two most lively colors, yellow and orange, into a shade that seamlessly integrates accents of blues and greens. Use this color sparingly on one wall or tie it into your kitchen decor.

22. Bold Black

Black kitchen wall with plants and coffee station.

Sometimes it’s easiest to begin with an accent, then design around a focal point Add a chalkboard menu to the wall for a fun pizzeria look!

23. Riverstone Gray

Gray is a timeless approach for any wall color. It’s neutral enough to use as a wall color throughout your entire space. Add violet hues for kitchen cabinets and accent walls.

24. Peppermint

Pastels help lighten the mood while bringing a fun element to any culinary space. Since this is a color that’s simple to clean, it’s ideal for the kitchen environment.

25. Fresh Forest

Forest green can be a welcome addition to any kitchen. In an open layout, pair it with brown and gray for an outdoor-inspired color scheme. It’s especially ideal when your kitchenette features black appliances.

26. Coral Gables

Orange kitchen wall with table.

Warm coral walls are the perfect solution for a kitchen redesign. This balanced color helps fuse white and dark accents while making guests feel like your kitchen is always spotless.

27. Khaki Green

With just a tinge of green, khaki colors are ideal for kitchen walls. Best of all, they “hide” dirt and grime until you can do a thorough scrub of the mess hall.

28. Lavender

Lavender is naturally a warm color, but depending on your furnishings and accents, it can be versatile. Make it the base color and have some fun with darker accents for your cabinets and decor.

29. Citrus Punch

Blend the two most lively colors, yellow and orange, into a shade that seamlessly integrates into any culinary space. Use white kitchen cabinets and counters to tie the look together.

30. Practical Beige

Beige and white kitchen.

Warm neutral colors make any room appear larger and cleaner. Beige makes the perfect kitchen wall color that’s versatile with any style home.

31. Blue Spruce

A beautiful teal color plays beautifully against either neutral or warmer colors. Tie in blue and green accents to your wall art, kitchen table, or shelf decor.

32. Rich Caramel

When planning your kitchen wall colors, always choose three groups of colors: a base, an accent, and a highlight. Caramel is a deep orange-brown that works wonderfully as a base color.

33. Lemon Yellow

Yellow is a color that brightens any room, but it doesn’t need to overwhelm. Paint an accent wall, a door frame, or install vibrant yellow lacquer cabinets.

34. Desert Sage

Sage green kitchen wall with cabinetry.

Timeless design is a goal when doing a remodel. Improve the value of any kitchen with walls painted a neutral sage color with a grey-green undertone.

35. Greige

With a base color like greige, or gray and beige, you have the freedom to mix and match artwork to decorate. Colorful abstract wall hangings or bold sculptural pieces are the perfect way to design a kitchen that will take you back in time.

36. Pink Champagne

Wood accents and innovative textiles will bring a pink kitchen to life. Embrace your inner Bohemian for a fun room that friends and family will enjoy!

37. Pale Chardonnay

Earthy and pale, a beautiful chardonnay belongs in the kitchen. Expand your wine list by accenting with rustic red or deep merlot colors. Use an elegant chandelier to tie the look together.

38. Bold Wallpaper

Kitchen wallpaper with cabinetry.

Black and white is the perfect monochrome color scheme to opt for wallpaper in your kitchen. It’s proof that you can still embrace color while designing a minimalist kitchen.

For any person redesigning a kitchen, you know how difficult it is to choose a color that works. Be sure you consider the difficulty in cleaning, the way that it handles greasy messes, and how you want to feel when you’re in the room. The best kitchen wall colors and accents come from the heart. With a little time, patience, and research, you will find the perfect color for you and your family.