500+ Living Rooms in Every Color

When decorating the living room in your home, certain items like the sofa, rug, or coffee table have a big impact on the layout and general feel. Choosing an overall color theme for your living room helps to unify the design and keep the compliments from friends and family rolling in.

We have put together ideas and inspiration for living rooms of every color, from neutral gray, brown, and black and white to more exotic red, blue, or purple. Each has a set of unique photos to help inspire your creativity when choosing your living room colors. After you find your color, make sure you pick out matching home decor pieces to take your room to the next level.

Gray Rooms

Gray goes with just about anything. Look to pair it with black and white accent pieces or use it as a background for colorful pillows and blankets. Check out our 75 gray living room ideas.

Blue Rooms

Are you going for the traditional blue or looking for a coastal beach house look? From navy to cobalt, these 75 blue living rooms are sure to impress.

Red Rooms

Evoke passion and excitement in your living room. Make it a real statement piece for friends and family. Check out these 75 red living rooms for inspiration.

Brown Rooms

Brown doesn’t have to mean boring beige. From rustic, wooden styles to modern, exotic styles full of colorful accents. To inspire your design, we have 75 intriguing brown living rooms.

Black & White Rooms

You can’t forget a classic. Using black and white greatly increases your options for adding color, but still look just as good when paired alone. Our 75 black & white living rooms will elevate your space.

White Rooms

White is the ultimate blank canvas, but who knew it has so much versatility? See these 75 fresh white living room ideas.

Purple Rooms

Purple is one of the most exotic colors used in decorating. It is sometimes overlooked but can make a huge impact on your living room. Browse 75 unique purple living rooms to see it in action.