200 Living Room Styles for a Contemporary Home

Would you consider your living room to be your personal sanctuary? It should be. Think about how much time you spend in this space and the type of environment you create. Everything from the wall art, to the furniture and rugs, contribute to how you feel when you’re entertaining guests or relaxing on the couch. If it’s not the living room style you’ve always dreamed of, it’s not too late to spruce things up.

We compiled 200 living room design styles to inspire your own modern room decor ideas. The best part is even the most subtle of changes can make a difference. Whether it’s adding a little paint, buying accent pillows or repurposing furniture, you don’t have to break the bank. For even more inspiration, browse our home decor line for personal touches like canvas prints, wall art and more.

Simple Living Rooms

Not a fan of overindulgence? Keep things manageable with these 50 decor ideas that are modest yet elegant. Using playful colors and furniture, you can transform any space into a living room style you are proud and still make a statement.

Rustic Living Rooms

Browse 50 living room styles that will make you feel as if you are lounging in a cottage in the countryside. With DIY decor ideas, repurposed furniture and tons of vintage inspiration, you will create an inviting living room that all will feel welcome in.

Modern Living Rooms

Revamp your current living room with bold patterns, eclectic decor and cozy furnishings. From bohemian to mid-century modern, to coastal and shabby chic, we have 50 modern living room ideas that will transform your current space into a contemporary safehaven.

Formal Living Rooms

Want your living room to be worthy of praise? View these 50 awe-inspiring ideas for a sophisticated room perfect for entertaining guests. Whether you have walls ideal for glamorous art or prefer lavish furniture, these rooms will leave you wanting more.