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Maid of Honor Duties: Before, During and After the Ceremony

Being chosen as a bride’s maid of honor is a mark of true friendship and trust. Not only is she highlighting you as one of her closest friends, but she’s counting on you to support her throughout the engagement process, swapping of “I Dos” and beyond. While it may seem like a lot of pressure, don’t doubt your abilities just yet.

Remember, the bride selected you because she trusts you, so take a cue from her and have confidence in yourself. You’ve got a lot of work ahead of you, but if you know what you’re in for, the process will be simple and smooth. And rather than worrying about everything you’re responsible for, focus on keeping the bride happy as she prepares for this major milestone.

A maid of honor’s duties vary depending on the bride’s individual expectations, so it’s a good idea to make a date with your friend early on to review what’s expected of you. Will you be hosting bridal luncheons and helping with invitations? Or, will she do these things herself? Whatever the case, it’s crucial that you both agree on your role so that there is no confusion as the wedding approaches.

Now, let’s look at some traditional maid of honor responsibilities and break them down into manageable sections: Before the wedding, during the wedding, and after the vows.

Before the Wedding Duties: Easing the Way to “I Do”

In the months leading up to the wedding, the bride will often call on her maid of honor for help. Whether that means shopping for accessories, deciding on decor or lending an ear during times of stress, make sure you’re available. These are normal best friend duties that will come naturally for most maids of honor, but sometimes there are more challenging obligations as well. Here’s what you can expect:

Wedding Day Duties: Pre-Vows

The wedding day is go time for the maid of honor. Whether the bride is cool as a cucumber or experiences extreme jitters, it’s your job to keep things running smoothly.

After the Vows: Party Time

Once the ceremony is over, it’s time to celebrate—but your job isn’t over yet! That said, a lot of the pressure is lifted, and you should enjoy yourself. Just don’t forget to wrap up your final maid of honor duties.

No matter what your maid of honor duties entail, it’s important to remember one essential rule: Have fun! You’ve been chosen to help a friend navigate one of the most special days of her life, and it’s an experience that will bring you closer than ever before. Embrace it and enjoy it, because your friend will be a Mrs. before you know it. You can help her remember this special day by gifting her with a personalized gift that both she and the groom will cherish!