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Setting Sail with Nautical Baby Shower Invitations

A new life is always an adventure, and what better way to celebrate the start of that adventure than with a nautically-themed baby shower? The nautical theme is a versatile, timeless motif—one that works equally well for either a boy or a girl. With an appropriate color palette, fun nautical-themed treats, and the right kind of décor imagery (think sailboats, anchors, life preservers, etc.), anyone can throw a fun, stress-free shower to help new parents get ready to set-sail on the most important voyage of all.

But while you’re figuring out how to make origami boats out of napkins, don’t neglect the baby shower invites. In addition to providing guests with a physical copy of important event details, the invitation has the job of setting the stage for the entire party.

Well, don’t worry. This guide will show you how you can turn an unimpressive invite into something beautifully sea-worthy.


While there are as many colors associated with sailing as there are fish in the sea, a few select hues have come to represent the concept of seafaring in general. Your scheme should be incorporated into most elements of the design, including backgrounds, trim and borders, lettering, and even photographic images. Consider these nautical color ideas:








Personal photos

Photographs give your nautical baby-shower invitations a personal touch. Of course, not just any photo arrangement will do. Here are some suggestions:



The invitation backdrop can help bring the rest of your design elements together in a way that is fun and inviting. Here are some tips to help you choose the right one:


Although most invitations feature traditional square-cut edges, other trim options can bring added effect to your design. Here are some possibilities:



Your nautical baby-shower invitation theme doesn’t have to stop with the card; the right envelope can help you put the finishing touches on your design. Here’s how:




A baby shower is a fun way to wish parents bon voyage as they prepare to welcome aboard a new member of the family. Choose a baby shower invite that celebrates this amazing experience, and you’ll help to ensure smooth sailing once party day arrives.