New Year’s Eve Party Games to Welcome 2023

You’ve sent out your New Year cards, made your resolutions and now you’re just waiting for the guest to arrive. What better way to ring in the New Year than with a festive party and a little competition among friends? Whether you need an icebreaker for a large group or a fun activity for a few adults, these New Year’s Eve-themed party games will give you something do while waiting for the ball to drop. Test your knowledge of current events and pop culture trivia or let loose with a lip-syncing contest. No matter how many people you send party invites to, we have a way to keep them all entertained through the last notes of Auld Lang Syne.

To use the New Year’s Eve Party Game interactive, just click the buttons below to filter the options by type of guest and gaming preference. Click the game’s title for more complete instructions and examples of how to play.

Choose an adverb to act out through verbs.

Match the pop culture reference written on cards with its counterpart.

Resolutions are written on a card, and each person must guess which resolution they are trying to accomplish.

Provide a list of major events from the past year and have people list them in the order they occurred.

This icebreaker is great for adults who don't know each other well. Players each share three facts while the others must guess which are true.

Guess what each New Year's themed acronym stands for.

Put an assortment of items into a box and see if players can guess which one was removed. Great for kids!

Unscramble words related to New Year's Eve.

Using news events from the previous year, try to predict what will happen in the next year.

This is a classic favorite, especially for large parties with kids. Relive the year's greatest hits with a game of musical chairs. When the music stops, be the first grab a seat.

In this icebreaker game for adults one person plays the “detective” to solve a New Year's Eve whodunit.

A clue giver uses descriptions to try and get players to guess names of popular celebrities from the previous year.

One person has to figure out which celebrity they are based on questions from the other players.

Take turns naming an actor/actress, followed by a movie they were in. Stump fellow guests to earn points.

A relay race while keeping a champagne glass balanced on your hand (or sparkling grape juice for kids).

Discover interesting facts about each person at the party. This is a great way for partygoers to get to know each other.

Piece together a picture of an event or famous person from the previous year.

Play New Year's and other holiday-themed songs on a table or by using spoons as drumsticks.

In true Jimmy Fallon fashion, organize a lip-syncing contest using songs from 2014.

How well do you know Auld Lang Syne? Finish the lyric, and whoever is closest wins a prize.