Photo Book Ideas to Display at Home

Create unique photo books easily that you can display as personalized home decor.

Creating custom photo books is a great way to organize your photos while also designing beautiful decor for your home. With Shutterfly’s professional photo books, you’ll love showing off the cover designs whether you decide to lay them out or add them to your bookshelf. Instead of a time-consuming photo album, photo books are easy to create online in just minutes. If you’re stuck with hundreds of photos on your phone or computer that you don’t know what to do with, organizing them into photo books can improve your interior design and make sure your photos will be seen for years to come. Learn how to create the best photo books as well as tips for displaying them around the home.

How to Make a Photo Book

With Shutterfly, it’s easy to make a photo book you can proudly display at home. All you need to do is make a few decisions through the Shutterfly photo book maker. We offer hands-off options or the opportunity for complete personalization. Whether you’re looking to create a custom photo book or save time with the designs, there are different photo book services to meet your needs. When creating your photo book, it’s all about displaying the photos you love in a way that looks great and makes your memories last forever. After logging in to your Shutterfly account, just follow these six steps to easily create a photo book online:

  1. Choose your service – Custom Photo Books, Instant Books, or Make My Book Service
  2. Choose your size and theme – If you choose an Instant Book, your photo book will be 6×6 inches. For a custom book or Make My Book service, you can choose from six different sizes.
  3. Choose your book type – Choose whether you’d like a hardcover or softcover book, as well as different lay options so your photos look exactly how you want even when your book is open.
  4. Customize your layouts and backgrounds – Now for the fun part! Make sure you upload as many photos as you think you’ll need to your Shutterfly account so you can choose how many to put on each page and which ones you’d like to include.
  5. Add messages or photo captions – Just because it’s a photo book, that doesn’t mean there can’t be text. Add photo captions or brief blurbs to each page so everyone looking through can know the backstory of each photo. 
  6. Add final touches, review, and send to print – Be sure to review each page before you’re finished. Add any final touches, including different fonts and embellishments.

Fun Photo Book Ideas to Display

Looking to create a photo book but lost in a sea of photos? Sometimes it’s hard to organize our memories in a way that makes sense and looks great. Use our photo book ideas below to easily comb through your photos and start organizing them into photo books. These ideas will all look great to display around the home when you’re finished. While looking through your photos, you might be surprised at how many you’ve never used before. Creating a photo memory book is a great way to finally bring your pictures to life and let more people see them out in the world.

1. Wedding Photo Books

Whether you’ve married recently or have been married for a while, chances are there are still wedding photos that you’ve never used. If you’ve already organized your favorites into a wedding photo album, you can always create a fun wedding photo book that features behind the scenes photos from your big day.

Your wedding photo book can also be more comprehensive and include your favorite photos from when you were dating as well as when you were engaged.

Wedding photo book with photo of couple on the cover and family name

2. Travel Photo Books

For times when you can’t leave the house, a travel photo book can be a great way to relive fun memories and look forward to your next trips. For a travel photo book, you can create one book per trip or organize your photos by location, especially if you tend to vacation in the same place every year.

Shutterfly’s travel book styles include themes for adventure, road trips, tropical locations, and even Disney family adventures. You can customize the front cover of your travel photo book so it looks great standing upright, or create a photo book for each trip and show off your locations on the spine of each book.

adventure awaits travel photo book with photos of family camping trip

3. Small Photo Books

Sometimes small is better than large, especially if you want to create a photo book quickly or you don’t have many photos to feature. Shutterfly’s instant books are simple, 6×6 hardcover books that you can make online or easily through the Shutterfly app. To create an instant book, all you have to do is upload your photos and easily choose which layouts to feature on each page.

You can still add fun embellishments as well as unique color backgrounds, but each instant book will feature one image per page. If you’re looking to spend less time on a photo album, the instant book is the best way to use your photos and still add your own captions and messages to each memory.

Stack of Shutterlfy instant books with photos of kids milestones

3. Family Photo Book

Whether you have a professional family photo collection or a variety of candids throughout the years, family photo books are a fun and unique way to show off your special moments. A family photo book will look great on display in your home, and it’s more interactive than framed pictures or other wall decor.

With a family photo album, you can show off photos from the past year or include your family history with photos from every generation. Your family photo book can be a great opportunity to create a visual family tree that will get based down over the years.

Family photo book with cover photo of mom, dad and kids

4. Photo Books from iPhone Photos

Even if you have enough storage on your phone, clearing out your photos from the past year can make you feel more ready for the new year. Creating a year in review photo book is one of the best ways to create something beautiful with all your photos and make space for new memories.

With the Shutterfly app, you can upload all the photos you want from your phone, including photos from your camera roll, social media accounts, and Google Photos. Create a personalized photo book or an Instant Book all from your phone and have a unique keepsake with your past year’s memories!

Year in review photo book with making memories title and photos of family adventures

Personalized Photo Book Display Ideas

Once you have one or more photo books, they can become a beautiful statement piece as part of your home decor. Instead of a boring coffee book, guests will love seeing your memories on display. Photo books can also correspond with custom wall decor to create a seamless theme with the photos you’ve taken throughout the years. This year, use photo books to make your home feel intimate, cozy, and more personal.

1. Coffee Table Display

Photo books make for a great coffee table display, especially if you have multiple sizes. Stack your coffee table photo books on top of each other and at different angles to show off the cover photo on top. If you shop from Shutterfly’s designer collection, you’ll have plenty of beautiful covers to choose from. With unique personalization options, you can always make sure the cover really pops and showcases the best photo from your theme.

Photo books on display on coffee table

2. Photo Books on Fireplace Mantel

If you have a fireplace mantel, the best photo books will look great standing upright or leaning against other home decor items. Where you would usually place a framed family photo, a large photo book will look great and also serve a double purpose for people to look through and enjoy. Lean your photo books against the wall or let them stand upright by opening them up slightly. You can also show off each type of photo book you own by sitting them upright with the spine out so everyone can see the photo book titles.

Photobooks on a fireplace mantle displayed with other personalized items and wall art decor

3. Spines Out On Bookshelf

Shutterfly’s photo books always display your title on the spines, so there’s a great opportunity to show off each photo book theme. If you have space on your bookshelf, slide your photo books in side by side with the spines facing out. They’ll look especially great on their own shelf propped up with bookends or other home decor items. Create custom candles that you can add to the shelf for another personalized touch and a more cozy feel for your home.

Wall shelf with home decor and display of books with spines out

4. Flat Shelf Display

Once you’ve collected multiple photo books with stylish covers, you can display them with the covers out on a flat, skinny shelf on your wall. This design style looks great and also makes your books highly accessible if anyone wants to grab one to flip through. The same style looks great for custom yearbooks, which you can display by order of the school year.

Small wall shelves with books displayed with covers out

Wrapping Up

The next time you’re looking at photo memories on your phone or computer, consider which ones would look great in a photo book. Instead of a DIY photo album, Shutterfly photo books are easy to make online and can even take minutes to create on your phone. Shutterfly’s photo books are so easy to create that they’re fun to create, and the more you have the better they’ll look as unique home decor. Be sure to check out our promotions and deals, where we offer photo book deals throughout the year including unlimited free pages, free shipping, and more.

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