56 Ideas For A Pink And Blue Wedding Celebration

Whether you’re celebrating at the peak of spring or in the heart of winter, a pink and blue wedding theme is a stunning choice. Pale pinks pop against deep, cerulean blues and the softest of pastels mix together to pick up the sunlight in an outdoor wedding. Explore all your pink and blue wedding options as you choose your bridesmaid dresses, your invitations and even your cake flavors. Choosing a color scheme that speaks to your style allows you to focus on the big picture and post-wedding tasks like how to change your last name and where to plan your honeymoon.

1. Painted Stationery

pink and blue wedding painted stationery

Source: Shutterfly

Set the elegant tone with your invitation suite by choosing stationery that includes pale pink and blue painted designs with a sky blue font.

2. Formal Soiree

No need to throw a black tie wedding to look formal. This groom dressed in a three-piece blue suit and the bride incorporated pale pinks into her hair to match a flowing white gown for subtle accents to a classic look.

3. Handmade Accents

pink and blue wedding handmade accents

Source: Shutterfly

Show of your artistic prowess by crafting these DIY paper flowers as a creative backdrop for your cake table, photo booth or ceremony.

4. Whimsy And Wonder

Crown your cake with a topper that showcases your unique personalities. These adorable pink and blue elves sit atop a custom confection and set the scene for a whimsical celebration.

5. Punch Of Pink

pink and blue wedding punch of pink

Source: Shutterfly

Make a summer statement with bright pinks and contrasting sapphire blue. Weave the colors of the painted bouquet into your invitation fonts and other features of your wedding decor for a cohesive look.

6. Floral Details

If you’re planning a garden or barn wedding filled with flowers, include the floral pattern throughout the day in features like pink and blue getting-ready robes for your ladies that can serve as bridesmaid gifts.

7. Luxury Arrangements

pink and blue wedding luxury arrangements

Source: Anne Rhett

Show off an opulent style with rich blue details surrounded by pink and white flowers. Surround each arrangement with gold accents in your plates or printable table numbers.

8. Garden Party

Keep your groom’s outfit sleek yet casual with a rich blue suit and pale pink tie. Match the simple elegance with a bouquet of pink peonies.

9. Ornate Architecture

Wondering how to plan a ceremony in style? Reflect the rich earth tones of an ornate chapel or barn wedding with deep blues, vibrant pinks and reds, and bunches of lush greenery.

10. Desert Pink

Pick up the pale hues of a wedding set in the heart of the desert. Fill your bouquet with blue succulents and pair with pink flowers that match your ladies’ gowns.

11. Island Hues

Celebrate a pink and blue wedding theme to soak up the natural colors of an island destination wedding. Pale pink fills the tablescapes backed by deep blue accents.

12. Classic Colors

pink and blue wedding classic colors

Source: Kurstin Roe

Showcase a classic nautical theme with navy blue, bright pink and simple white. Layer fun patterns like stripes and polka dots throughout your design.

13. Celebrate In Cerulean

This vibrant collection of pink and fuschia pairs nicely with cerulean blue that matches the sky of an outdoor wedding. Mix stripes and patterns on a table across the tablescape and paper suite.

14. Whimsical Watercolor

Take inspiration from a watercolor painting to blend blues into the furniture, stationery and wedding tablescapes. Set against a backdrop of pink plates, glasses and table linens for gorgeous contrasting hues.

15. Colorful Gowns

Add a springy pattern to the traditional wedding gown with blue and pale pink flowers. Your groom can match the colors of your elegant dress with a classic blue and gray suit.

16. Summer Hues

Pick up the popular colors of the summer months, especially if you’re celebrating by the ocean or in a tropical spot. Pair ocean blue with bouquets that mix white, cream and pink.

17. Ceremony Details

Speak with all the generous members of your ceremony about your color scheme. They can incorporate blue and pink into their outfits to match the day’s aesthetic.

18. Soft And Simple

Fill a pink and blue wedding bouquet with cream-colored roses to accent an already romantic arrangement. This color scheme pairs well with a lacey, softly hued white wedding dress.

19. Sleek Style

pink and blue wedding sleek style

Source: Britt Croft

Pick a bridesmaid dress color that comes in a selection of shapes and necklines and encourage each woman to choose her favorite. Pair a vibrant blue with bright pink flowers in your bouquets.

20. Soft Beach Hues

When you’re marrying by the sea, choose wedding color combinations that reflect the bright sunlight and surrounding beach colors. Pale pinks, soft blues and bright white complement the scenery.

21. Brunch In Blue

pink and blue wedding brunch in blue

Source: Kurstin Roe

This blue bridal brunch theme can transfer to a wedding day design by creating white and blue place settings and bright pink floral centerpieces.

22. Romance In Paris

Be sure to catch all the iconic images of your destination wedding and pair with a delicate color scheme that showcases the romance of the city.

23. Barn Chic

pink and blue wedding barn chic

Source: Amy Jordison

Throw a rustic-style barn wedding with a deep blue suit for the groom and bridal bouquet filled with pops of bright pink and pale blush.

24. Sun-Filled Wedding

This outdoor celebration was drenched in natural light, adding a pale glow to the mixture of blush and sky blue in the centerpieces and place settings.

25. Dazzling Dresses

pink and blue wedding dazzling dresses

Source: Caroline Ro

This bride played with a spectrum of watercolor-inspired blues to show off her bridesmaid wardrobe, ranging from sky blue to those that incorporate soft gray.

26. Palest Blues

If you’re leaning toward a pastel pink wedding, balance out the design with naturally pale blues and greens found in the flowers and lightly tinted candle holders.

27. Beach Ready Wardrobe

Nuptials by the ocean can reflect the soft sands of the beach and blues of the surrounding sea and sky. Choose pale cream or white groomsmen suits with pale blue ties and pink floral accents.

28. Blue Beechwood

Incorporate natural accents into your wedding centerpieces by surrounding your pink and blue floral arrangements with handpicked beechwood.

29. Timeless Luxury

Update the classic look of a luxe wedding by filling your centerpieces with today’s favorite flowers like poppies, wax flowers and fresh herbs.

30. Bright Whites

An all-white wedding theme allows soft pink and the palest of blues to come through your design. Add silver accents to the table to reflect the light.

31. Vivid Blue

pink and blue wedding vivid blue

Source: Ashley Paige

This couple wove cobalt blue throughout their wedding day wardrobe, from the groomsmen’s suits to the officiant’s tie. They balanced out the color scheme with vibrant pink flowers.

32. Destination Hues

If you’re planning a tropical destination wedding ceremony, keep it bright and soft with all the colors of a beachside soiree.

33. Outdoor Decor

pink and blue wedding outdoor decor

Source: Caroline Ro

This sun-filled pink and blue wedding celebration honed in on all the small details, from a handmade escort card display to a watercolor-filled tablescape.

34. Settle In By The Sea

Throw off all your cares and worries with a laid-back beach wedding. Fill the space with white, pale blues and soft pinks to reflect all the natural light from the seaside town.

35. Fanciful Florals

Celebrate your unique style by layering bursts of color and vibrant floral patterns in your suit. This blends beautifully with an outdoor garden or forest wedding.

36. Seaside Treats

pink and blue wedding seaside treats

Source: Helen Lisk

Adorable blue and pink candies top cake pops to welcome guests as they head into the reception. Fill with fun wedding cake flavors to match their design.

37. Delicate Design

Mix together a combination of pastels to create a delicate tablescape. Blend cream, pink and purple flowers next to white and gold place settings with sky blue napkins.

38. Fresh Florals

Blue and pink wedding themes make the day feel fresh and light, especially when you use pale pastel flowers as the focal point of the day.

39. Garden Glamour

Show off your unique sense of style and glamour even when you throw a more casual springtime wedding. Fill a stylish space with navy blues and light pinks and a wedding gown that makes a statement.

40. Peach And Cornflower

pink and blue wedding peach and cornflower

Source: Anna Kardos

This classic combination is lovely in a natural springtime wedding. The pink and peach balance out the rich cornflower blue throughout the flowers and common wedding accessories.

41. Sky Blue Bridesmaids

Pale blue chiffon bridesmaid dresses are ideal for a warm-weather wedding. Choose floor-length dresses and dress the groomsmen in full tuxes for a formal look.

42. Big Blooms

pink and blue wedding big blooms

Source: Claire Penn

This simple yet lush bouquet incorporates two famously large flowers, the peony and hydrangea. Each naturally grows in these pink and blue hues, ideal for a spring or summer wedding day.

43. Sophisticated Soiree

Take the old-fashioned approach to bridesmaid dresses and choose a matching favorite for each of your girls, all in a bright sky blue with identical pale pink bouquets.

44. Simply Chic

pink and blue wedding simply chic

Source: On the Times

Wondering how to work a pink and blue celebration theme into the groom’s outfit? Choose a dark blue suit jacket and pair with a pale pink tie and white poppy boutonniere.

45. Innovative Aesthetic

Layer vibrant pink and rich blue to create an eye-catching tablescape. Mix your color throughout every detail and balance it out with a natural wood table and bright white chairs.

46. Out To Sea

Exchange vows by the seaside and then head off to the water’s edge for celebratory photos. A deep blue suit and bright pink accents pick up the colors around you.

47. Backyard Elegance

pink and blue wedding backyard elegance

Source: Hannah Ruth

This wedding strikes a balance between a laid back garden wedding theme with a classic grace and elegance. Combine rich blue bridesmaid jumpsuits, a pale pink gown for the maid of honor, and lush flowers for all the bride’s support team.

48. Industrial Chic

pink and blue wedding industrial chic

Source: Katie Hoss

This urban wedding uses its floral design to pick up all the natural colors of exposed brick, deep sky blue and pops of color already present in a stylish modern space.

49. Timeless Grace

pink and blue wedding timeless grace

Source: Kir 2 Ben

This combination of cornflower blue and delicate pink gives off an elegance that stands the test of time. Weave ornate elements like pink pearls and silver details to finish.

50. DIY Bar Display

pink and blue wedding diy bar display

Source: On the Times

Add a few helpful additions to your bar setup by including pink rock candy, classic blue decorative bottles and a floral arrangement. You can even work the color scheme into your signature cocktail.

51. Be Bold

After you choose your favorite variations of blue and pink, let your wedding party show off the style that suits them. This fun gathering features neon pink pantsuits, pale pink gowns and floral ties.

52. Take A Hanky

Prepare for an emotional ceremony with a sweet handkerchief display as guests arrive. Choose vintage styles that mix in the pinks and blues from your design.

53. Ceremony Mural

pink and blue wedding ceremony mural

Source: Katie Hoss

Celebrate the artwork throughout your favorite city by framing your wedding ceremony around a local mural. Add a modern wedding arch covered in flowers of complementary colors.

54. Tulle And Flowers

pink and blue wedding tulle and flowers

Source: Unsplash

This lush bouquet combines pale pink roses, delicate pink wax flowers and pops of white tulle to give it an extra sense of delicacy.

55. Blush And Navy Blue

For a more formal springtime or summer wedding, layer pale pink atop a palette of navy blue. Match your bridesmaid’s gowns with the ties of the groomsmen.

56. Cerulean Celebration

Skip the clear glassware and opt for cerulean blue glass to highlight a softly colored wedding table. Alternate glasses with yellow candles, a gold and white menu and a pink floral centerpiece.

Get creative with your color scheme whether you’re choosing church wedding decorations or outdoor ceremony decor. Make it your own by choosing a pink and blue palette that allows your creativity and personalities to shine through.