Your Pregnancy Week by Week - Header Image

Congratulations on your pregnancy! While the finish line may seem like a long way off, it will be here sooner than you think. To track your pregnancy, we created a week-by-week pregnancy timeline so you can anticipate what you and your baby are about to experience. As your bundle of joy grows from a peppercorn to a small pumpkin, there are many different emotions and physical changes that occur, and our timeline includes helpful information such as when each trimester begins, common pregnancy symptoms, and milestones for fetus development.

Our timeline also covers the not-so-beautiful pregnancy effects, such as morning sickness, swollen feet and adjustments in sleeping, but also when to expect your mood to improve. While these pregnancy changes may be overwhelming at first, your body will eventually begin to adjust and you’ll be shopping for maternity clothes with that coveted pregnancy glow before you know it.

And of course, your baby's development is most important. Our pregnancy timeline can help answer your burning questions like when you can find out the sex of the baby or feel the first kick. You'll also find out other exciting milestones such as how your little one begins to slowly grow hair, suck their thumb, develop hearing and more.

Even though you are going through so many changes, the news of a baby is thrilling! The special people in your life will want to celebrate you and your little bundle of joy. Birth announcements are a great way to share your big news. Pick a theme, your colors and if you'd like, you can even include a picture of your growing belly. Happy planning!