Your Pregnancy 1st Trimester

During the first trimester, your body begins to change and adapt as it readies itself for its new little guest. As your body prepares itself for your bundle of joy, it undergoes many hormonal changes. Here’s some of what you can expect during your first trimester of pregnancy.

The first trimester starts at the end of your last period, and it goes until week 13 of your pregnancy. You might not know that you’re pregnant for the first few weeks—usually, most women get their first positive pregnancy test four weeks in. During these first trimester weeks, you may find yourself getting fatigued—your body is working hard, and that can easily wear you out. Your breasts may also become sore, and you may feel some dizziness.

Throughout the first trimester, you’ll probably experience some nausea, including the dreaded morning sickness. If you find yourself getting nauseous throughout the day, eat snacks that help settle your stomach, like crackers, toast and pretzels. Also, try drinking ginger tea or ginger ale. To keep yourself feeling strong, be sure to eat a healthy, balanced diet through these first trimester weeks. Steer clear of uncooked food, like raw fish, and avoid soft cheese and unpasteurized dairy products.

You’ll also begin receiving prenatal care during this time. Many obstetricians will schedule your first ultrasound for six to eight weeks into your pregnancy. During this appointment, you’ll get to hear your baby’s heartbeat, and you’ll also learn if you’re having more than one baby. While you’re at your appointment, it’s a good idea to begin asking about birthing options.

The first trimester weeks are both a nerve-wracking and exhilarating time. And while a lot may be happening at once, be sure to stop and breathe, and let yourself feel the joy of this time—you’re having a baby! Don’t forget to share the great news with family and friends with a fun pregnancy announcement.

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