11 Weeks Pregnant

11 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby is the Size of a Lime

The baby will be able to open and close their hands. It is moving around quite a bit, and is even experiencing hiccups as the diaphragm forms. The fingers and toes separate from their previously webbed form, and tiny nostrils are forming in the nose as well. In terms of celebrating the pending arrival of your little one, now is a good time to plan a "babymoon". It's unlikely you'll want to go anywhere once the third trimester hits, and now that the queasiness of the first trimester is close to wearing off completely, it's a good time for a getaway.

Your Pregnancy

If you were experiencing sickness or nausea, it is likely starting to wane and your appetite is returning. However, this and changing hormones can cause heartburn and other stomach discomforts.


The baby's head currently accounts for half of its body weight!

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