13 Weeks Pregnant

13 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby is the Size of a Egg

The baby's fingertips have fingerprints, and veins and organs are still visible. The body is catching up with the head in terms of size, but it still accounts for one-third of its size. If you're having a girl, she already has 2 million eggs in her ovaries. Though all fetus' follow the same developmental path, the pace of growth varies greatly. Your baby may not have some of the things mentioned here just yet, but this is no cause for alarm. Speed varies, and comparison to others is not necessary!

Your Pregnancy

This is the last week of the first trimester, and many women notice a return to normalcy in terms of body functions and feelings. Goodbye queasiness and vomiting, hello delicious food! Your veins will be more visible however, because of increased blood flow.


Your tiny little fetus has already grown vocal chords at this point!

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