18 Weeks Pregnant

18 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby is the Size of a Sweet Potato

Your baby can now flex their arms and legs, and the baby's genitals have formed and are in place. Because of this, it is around this time that you can know the gender of your baby should you wish! Your baby can yawn at this point too. As baby gets bigger, you'll want to sleep on your side. The extra weight and pressure that comes from lying on your back at this point can reduce the amount of blood moving to your heart which could make you feel lightheaded or even lower your blood pressure.

Your Pregnancy

The increased appetite is very common by now, so it's important to maintain a healthy diet. It's also good to not stand up too fast, as your decreased blood pressure can cause dizziness.


ou should lie on your side at this point, as lying flat on your back can compress a major artery to your heart.

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