20 Weeks Pregnant

20 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby is the Size of a Banana

Your baby has likely reached the one pound mark at this point, which is a lot of weight to be carrying around 24/7. While the eyes have formed, the iris' have not yet. The pancreas is developing, as well as many of its fine motor skills. It can clench and unclench its fist, and will sometimes even practice its grip on the umbilical cord. Don't worry though, the cord is tough and can handle this.

Your Pregnancy

Halfway through, and things are getting real. You can expect to gain about a pound per week from now on, and be sure you are getting enough iron in your diet. Red meat and legumes are a great source of this.


Eating small meals throughout the day, aka the "grazing approach," can help curb that pesky heartburn.

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