32 Weeks Pregnant

32 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby is the Size of a Jicama

Nearly a half of the baby's weight will be gained between now and birth. The toenails, fingernails and hair are all present now. It's also around this time that the baby flips itself around to be head down and align for birth. All of those things that the baby has been practicing—swallowing, blinking, breathing, kicking and so on—are in preparation for life outside of mother's belly. This includes feeding from the mouth rather than the umbilical cord; baby's digestive system is ready for action.

Your Pregnancy

Your uterus is pushing up against your diaphragm, which can cause shortness of breath and heartburn. Propping your pillows and eating smaller meals can help abate this. Also, you may find you are getting up to use the restroom much more frequently.


Fewer than 5% of babies are born feet first.

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