33 Weeks Pregnant

33 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby is the Size of a Pineapple

You probably have more baby in your belly than you do amniotic fluid, which means it's close to go time. Antibodies are actually being passed from you to the baby, which means it now has its own immune system. Baby's skeleton is hardening and the skin is taking on a more plump look, losing the wrinkles. As the baby grows, there is obviously less space in your uterus and the walls are becoming thinner. This allows baby to do a few things, namely hear your conversations and be able to differentiate day and night!

Your Pregnancy

Achiness or numbness in fingers, wrists and hands is common, and you may want to wear a brace on your wrist should your job or daily activities require a lot of typing at a computer. Also, the reason many women feel overheated during pregnancy is because their metabolic rate is through the roof.


Baby will drink a pint of amniotic fluid per day, which helps its gastrointestinal system develop.

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