40 Weeks Pregnant

40 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby is the Size of a Small Pumpkin

Your little pumpkin is now the size of an actual pumpkin. Everything is developed except for the skull bones, which remain unfused so that the baby can pass through the birth canal a bit easier. At this point you are likely very anxious to meet the little one, but baby operates on its own schedule. While waiting on baby to make its appearance, it is doing just fine in there, as the amniotic fluid is still providing antibodies which will help it fight off infection once outside the womb. Your breastmilk will continue this job. A baby can only focus on things about an inch away at birth, but it will certainly recognize your voice, so be sure to say hi!

Your Pregnancy

It can be frustrating if your baby decides to hang around in your stomach after its due date. If your pregnancy continues, your practitioner may schedule a biophysical profile to check your baby's breathing, muscle tone and overall movements. If you don't go into labor by 41 weeks, your doctor may induce labor.


Newborns are so used to being in the fetal position, it takes them a while to realize they can stretch out!

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