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Complete List of Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photos will be cherished as some of the most valuable keepsakes from your big day. Whether you’re bringing out your photo album to celebrate another anniversary or sharing the magic of the moment with your children years down the road, these shots will take you back to your wedding day every time you catch a glimpse.

Your wedding photographer will play an important role in helping you cherish these precious moments. You’ll want to make sure you’re choosing an artistic professional who can capture your vision and unique style. But most importantly, you’ll want to hire a photographer that you can trust. 

Follow our guidelines and complete list of sample questions to ask a wedding photographer to help you narrow down your options and sign the right contract. We recommend taking these questions with you when you sit down with potential wedding photographers. 

Scroll through our complete list of questions to ask your wedding photographer or quickly jump to the concerns you’d like to address. Whether you’re just starting your research or digging into the details of your photographers overtime policy, these questions will help you find your wedding photographer: 

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

Picking the right photographer for the two of you will start with doing proper research and asking all of the right questions. Here are some things the two of you should take into consideration before saying “I,do” to a wedding photographer.

  1. Start Your Research Early On. Don’t hesitate to begin your search for the right wedding photographer. Most professionals book their schedules months out in advance so, it’s important that once you make your selection you reach out as soon as possible. Starting your research early on will allow you plenty of time to make the right decision.
  2. Pick a Photography Style. The photographs from your wedding day should tell a story and a photographer’s style can help do just that. There will most likely be one style you mesh with better than others and you should take note of it. In this step of the selection process, make a Pinterest board. Start pinning wedding photographs you are fond of and it shouldn’t be long before a theme comes together. Whether you’re drawn to a more natural wedding photojournalism aesthetic or fine art wedding photography, it’s important to discover a particular style you like.
  3. Ask friends and family. Ask your newlywed friends or family members for reviews and recommendations of photographers they may have used. Getting reviews from people who have hired the photographer in question can help you get a better feel for if they’re right for you. Although, solely relying on recommendations from loved ones won’t be enough, it can still help your process.
  4. Visit websites and social media profiles. Continue your research by checking out a potential photographer’s website. You should be able to discover sample photographs and get a good feel for their style and personality just by the appearance and design of the site. You can also take a look at their social media including Facebook, Twitter and especially Instagram. These will allow you a look into the photographer’s work, nature and sensibility. Are their any reviews? Are they good reviews? Make sure to take all of this into account.
  5. Conduct Interviews. Once you’ve narrowed down your selection, contact the photographers to set up an interview with each. Make sure you’re prepared with the right questions.

Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer Before you Book

From assuring the photographer has your date available to understanding what’s included in that lengthy contract, we have you covered on all the questions to ask your wedding photographer. These questions may seem like the obvious ones you should be asking, but it’s always important to have them written down before your interview and ask them anyways.

Package, Proof and Print Questions

You’ll want to ask your photographer specific questions about the types of packages he or she offers and the details to find out which is right for you.

Contract and Policy Questions 

You’ll also want to know what you’re getting into when you sign your name along the dotted line. Have a conversation with your photographer about the contract and use these questions to guide you. This way, you won’t be blindsided by any charges or policies the photographer may have.

Questions to Ask Yourselves

Along with our list of questions to take to your meetings, it will also be important that you ask yourself a few questions too. You will be spending a lot of time with your wedding photographer and the more comfortable you are with each other the better your photographs will turn out.

When making your wedding album, you’ll want to include the most heartfelt moments from your big day. Choosing the right wedding photographer and having great communication can help you build the perfect collection of wedding photos. Many of the photos taken on your wedding day will remain in your family for a very long time, so starting the conversation early with your fiance about what you want on your wedding photography checklist is a great idea.