Top 8 School Organization Hacks to Keep You on Track

The following guest post was created by Denise from Frazzled Joy.

Back to school time can be a little overwhelming. I have four kids and every year I think it will be better, but it’s always crazy! However, I have found a few things over the years that make it a little easier for everyone involved, even me. I’m sharing eight back to school organization hacks with you that will hopefully do the same for you!

Tip #1: Clear and Accessible Storage For Supplies

At some point during homework time, kids are going to need supplies for something. So, why not put them in a spot where they can find them themselves. Make sure they know where to look, and then put everything in labeled and/or clear storage containers. 

A clear storage container with school supplies and a glass jar used to hold pencils.

You can label the drawers or use pictures of the items for added ease in identifying what was in them. Great for all ages – even those pre-readers.

A glass jar for holding school and art supplies.

These glass jars are great for storing all sorts of things art and can even be personalized with an inspirational quote, a name, or pretty much anything you would like. These art supplies look so cute in here, don’t you think?

Tip #2: Create a Drop Zone

Find a place in your home for all the things. Coats, backpacks, and such. Maybe a mudroom, or entryway space. Hang wall hook organizers for backpacks and coats, and shelves for storing gloves, hats, or shoes.

Tip #3: A Place to Make Lists or Notes

I’m a huge list maker, and I encourage my kids to do the same. When they are younger you might want to leave a list for them, such as a chore list to check off. But, as they get older they might want to give them something to make a to-do list for the day, or maybe daydream about the future, or keep track of upcoming due dates for assignments or tests. For these tasks notepads, journals, or notebooks are always useful!

Two notepads for school work or chores.

These personalized notepads are a fun place for any and all lists. And these personalizable pencils are fun for all ages as well.

Tip #4: Family Calendar

With six people in our family, there is always something going on. So it helps to put it all in one place, on one calendar. I try to keep this calendar in a place where it can be seen by everyone. We don’t get too extravagant. No color coding or anything like that, although you could if you find that helpful. I just find it necessary to have all the activities where everyone can see.

Tip #5: Personalized Bags

Almost all school-aged kids need some sort of bag to carry to school. Most of them need several. A backpack, a lunch bag, a pencil bag, a gym bag, and more. Personalizing these items make them extra special. Just like this little pencil bag! The possibilities are endless.

Personalized Pencil Pouch with pencils for a fun school organization hack.

Tip #6: Lunch Station

Speaking of lunch bags. I created a lunch station several years ago and it has been a lifesaver. Lunch making can be very time consuming, especially with four kids. With a system, everything is already bagged and ready to go, and all in one place. A lunch system works similar to an assembly line, with groupings of each type of food, snack, and packaging ready to be placed in a lunch box.

All I have to do is grab one of each, make a sandwich and boom! Lunch made! Plus, older kids can even do it for themselves.

Tip #7: Label Everything!

You know what it’s like, mamas. It’s the night before the first day of school. You’ve got supplies spread out all over the family room floor. They are all sorted out and ready to go– except for the names. Yes, you could write them all down with that great sharpie.

But, what if there was an easier way? Printed labels to the rescue! 

Printed name labels for organizing.

These are actually supposed to be address labels, but I just put my son’s name in twice. Which means you get two for one! Just cut them down the middle and apply. Alternatively, you can also use stickers. And don’t forget to get the kids involved. They might not be able to write their names very clearly, but they can put on a sticker!

Name Labels for Supplies and notebooks.

Tip #8: Meal Planning

I know this doesn’t seem like a back to school organization hack. But, I promise if you are not a meal planner, it will change your life. When I’m on my game and planning for each week, I’m so much less stressed. It’s just one less thing I have to think about. Not to mention, it helps out your wallet with less eating out.

Final Thoughts on School Organization Hacks

Schedules are always way busier during school. So the goal is to make things easier and quicker. Streamline as much as you can. This also makes life a whole lot less stressful. Hopefully, some of these school organization hacks will help you get everything in order and ready for the kids to go back to school!