You Know You’re a Stationery Addict When…

You can never resist a new notebook when you see one.

Even if you already have more notebooks and notepads than you could possibly fill.

Your day hasn’t really begun until you write your to-do list.

You consider washi tape the new duct tape. It fixes everything!

You catch yourself searching #deskgoals on Instagram on a weekly basis.

Mostly because seeing things in order pleases you.

You treat handwriting like a competitive sport.

Which is why you have every type of writing utensil in Every. Single. Color.

You could talk about paper quality and trim options like some people talk about cars.

You actually know what letterpress and thermography mean.

And when you found out foil-stamped stationery exists you couldn’t contain your excitement.

You sometimes wish your significant other shared your love for stationery.

You would never forget to say thank you, especially when it involves creating custom thank you notes.

Having personalized postage is basically the grown-up equivalent to your childhood sticker collection.

Every stationery lover knows that nothing beats that back to school shopping nostalgia you feel every fall.

But we all know that the holidays are the best time of the year for stationery lovers. The process of finding, addressing, and sending holiday cards is almost better than Christmas itself.