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80 Ways To Decorate A Small Bedroom

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A small bedroom’s purpose is first and foremost function: a place to sleep and store clothes and belongings, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also look great and provide a cozy retreat while doing its job. This is where we turn to bedroom décor. Because we spend on average a third of our lives in bed, the bedroom has to be a place we enjoy. Aesthetics can go a long way in creating a welcoming atmosphere regardless of the room’s size.

The idea of decorating a small bedroom can initially feel very challenging due to the lack of excess space. However, there are many simple ways you can achieve your dream bedroom. Browse the decorating ideas and images below to find tips and inspiration for ways you can bring your small bedroom to life. By incorporating color, carefully curated art and furniture arrangement, you can maximize your bedroom’s square footage with these small bedroom decorating ideas. If you’re looking for more way to decorate without taking up much space, browse our home decor accessories like throw blankets, pillows and wall art.

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In a small badroom, let your bedspread be the artwork with graphic prints and colors.

Photo by: The 12ish Style

Keep it simple! If you're decorating a small bedroom, creating a colorful focal point such as an intricate bed spread or a fun gallery will help distract the eye and open up the space.

Photo by: Hey Wanderer Blog

In a small badroom, let your bedspread be the artwork with graphic prints and colors.

Photo by: A Plentiful Life

Adding an oversized framed art piece can help make your bedroom feel more spacious by hiding a plain wall with a compelling visual.

Photo by: Amelia Alpaugh

Collect unique pieces from your travels to frame and display and your bedroom will become a story to be told.

Photo by: Amy Neunsinger

Small pieces of furniture and décor combined with mirrors on the wall help to make a small room appear more spacious.

Photo by: Anthony Michael

Hang soft drapes to contain your sleeping space and create a private, cozy oasis.

Photo by: Holly Marder \ Avenue Lifestyle

Because lamps can quickly take up space in a small bedroom, consider hanging a light from the ceiling for a modern touch.

Photo by: Holly Marder \ Avenue Lifestyle

A large mirror not only helps you ensure your look is polished, but provides the illusion of extra space in a small room.

Photo by: Becky Kimball

You can bring your small room to life by collecting decorative pieces that have a common theme and color palette.

Photo by: Birch Lane

An accent wall made of reclaimed wood will add a cozy and rustic, do-it-yourself touch.

Photo by: Brett Beyer

Sometimes, the easiest way to decorate a room is by choosing your favorite work of art, then shop for pieces that match.

Photo by: Chelsea Sachs Design

Soft blues are used to create a relaxing atmosphere and tie together the pieces of this small bedroom.

Photo by: Don Riley

Work the angles of your bedroom by taking geometry to the next level.

Photo by: Emilie Rousseaux / MilieO

Boring neutral colors can be made fun and interesting with mixed textures and prints.

Photo by: Eric Roth

Combine a pop of color with neutral tones to create a focal point in your small bedroom.

Photo by: Ezra Lee Design + Build

Choosing a color scheme allows you to mix and match varying vintage pieces for a touch of rustic charm.

Photo by: Faded Charm

A hideaway wall bed is a great way to save space in a small bedroom. Utilize the space around the bed for storage or décor for a cozier feel.

Photo by: Blackstone Edge Studios

This bedroom color coordinates with gold accent furniture pieces to create a modern feel.

Photo by: Blackstone Edge Studios

A colorful art piece feels larger than life when it’s the center of attention, like in this all white bedroom.

Photo by: Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design

Use long drapes and tall lamps to maximize high ceilings and make a small bedroom feel more spacious.

Photo by: Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design

Put the ‘big’ into a small space with bold pieces and strong patterns.

Photo by: Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design

When decorating with art that wows, neutral bedding is a must. Your small bedroom wants to make a statement without being overcrowded.

Photo by: Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design

Get artistic with geometric shapes and colors that pop against a black and white background.

Photo by: Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design

A massive headboard not only creates a cozy place to sleep, but also adds an appealing visual element in lieu of framed art.

Photo by: Graham Yelton

If wall space is scarce, hang ornamental light fixtures from the ceiling for a decorative touch.

Photo by: Heritage Homes of Jacksonville

Instead of trying to find wall décor, choose a decorative bed frame to serve as the focal point of your bedroom.

Photo by: High Camp Home Design

Not only are extra throw pillows super comfortable, they are a simple way to create a homey atmosphere.

Photo by: High Camp Home Design

Bedroom furniture made from reclaimed wood creates a comfortable and natural atmosphere.

Photo by: High Camp Home Design

To bring mismatching pieces together, simply use a dry brush and some paint to create vintage-chic furniture.

Photo by: Home by Heidi

No headboard? No problem! Get crafty with wood planks and some paint to make an inexpensive, one-of-a-kind piece.

Photo by: House*Tweaking

A small chandelier will add soft lighting and a touch of class to your bedroom without overpowering the space.

Photo by: Jessica Helgerson

Collect finely patterned throw pillows with a common color palette to create an oriental style bedroom.

Photo by: Kate Zimmerman

Add a gallery wall to showcase your favorite prints and photos. Paint each frame the same color to tie it all together.

Photo by: Katlyn Maupin

Offset dark furniture with bright, cheery colors. The matching bedding, art, and picture frame in this bedroom combine to create a polished look.

Photo by: Kevin Twitty

The mismatching patterns and shapes in this bedroom come together in a single color scheme to create an artsy visual.

Photo by: Marco Ricca Studio

Use overlapping rugs of contrasting textures and shapes to create a uniquely boho bedroom.

Photo by: Laura Moss

High ceilings are a gift to a small bedroom. Utilize the extra wall space to display a pattern of framed art.

Photo by: Linda Sabiston

Something as simple as a strand of twinkle lights adds a charming, cozy feel to a small bedroom.

Photo by: Lindsay Marcella

Curtains aren’t just for windows. Hang them across a wall to create a dynamic peekaboo art wall.

Photo by: Lonny

Hang matching sheer drapes around the room to add color and texture to the walls. When the sunlight shines through, you’ll get a warm, soft light.

Photo by: Lonny

Emphasize your bedroom’s theme and bring life to a plain space with potted plants.

Photo by: Louise Roche

Cover hardwood floors with overlapping rugs of similar style to create a cozy, carpeted space.

Photo by: Louise Roche

When storage space is limited in a small bedroom, use matching baskets to serve as décor while containing your extra throws.

Photo by: Louise Roche

Who said bedside tables always have to sit on the side of the bed? When space is limited, place your nightstand at the foot of the bed instead.

Photo by: Louise Roche

Combine various textiles and patterns by choosing pieces that share a common dominant color.

Photo by: Louise Roche

Hang soft fabrics above the bed for something more interesting to look at than a plain ceiling and feel like you’re sleeping beneath a cloudy sky.

Photo by: Louise Roche

Shop at flea markets and antique shops to find vintage pieces that have a story to tell.

Photo by: M. Barnes & Co.

Use gold-toned fabrics with a soft sheen and hang a chandelier to create an elegant looking bedroom.

Photo by: Marie Burgos Design

Make your small space feel larger by avoiding clutter and keeping only the necessities on the nightstand.

Photo by: Muskoka Living Interiors

Maximize your bedroom space by placing shelves on the walls and utilizing the space beneath the bed for storage.

Photo by: Nat et Nature

Seasonal flowers on the bedside tables are a natural and not-too-girly way to incorporate florals.

Photo by: Old Seagrove Homes

Wall sconces are a great way to provide decorative bedside lighting without taking up space on the nightstands.

Photo by: Old Seagrove Homes

This gorgeous mountain wall mural is an entirely different and unique way to do an accent wall.

Photo by: Pam Lostracco

Looking to bring some color to a neutral room? Finish the job in one purchase with a unique piece of accent furniture.

Photo by: Paul Davis New York

Gold and silver bedding is an easy way to take your bedroom up a notch on the elegance scale and you can sleep like royalty.

Photo by: Paul Davis New York

Beautiful textiles like this rug add an aesthetic focal point when there isn’t much space on the walls for large art pieces.

Photo by: Rafael Soldi

Don’t be afraid of dark colors. This accent wall is a nice contrast from the white furniture and bedding.

Photo by: Rennai Hoefer

Instead of using a busy art piece to decorate a plain white wall, pair a simple art piece with busy wallpaper.

Photo by: Atlantic Archives, Inc. / Richard Leo Johnson

Nowhere to store your cowboy hats? Hang them on the wall as décor for a bedroom that’s just a little bit country.

Photo by: Sarah Dorio

When most of your bedroom décor is modest, a funky chandelier really stands out and adds character to the space.

Photo by: Studio Marcus Hay

Monochrome isn’t boring when there’s an extra dimension. Mix and match patterns of the same color family to surround yourself with warm hues.

Photo by: Tessa Neustadt

The right piece of art will nicely contrast with fresh whites to add the illusion of an extra window.

Photo by: Tessa Neustadt

Personalize your bedroom with oversized initials and decorative throw pillows with custom text.

Photo by: The Pink Tumbleweed

Floating shelves are a great way to display dimensional décor, plus they provide extra space to set your knickknacks.

Photo by: Tidy Mom

Choosing a color scheme that contrasts with the next room is a refreshing way to make your bedroom stand out.

Photo by: Tim Williams

With small space, sometimes you have to get creative. Use the top of your bed’s headboard as a shelf to place candles and décor.

Photo by: Vintage Headboards

Instead of a large canvas, try splitting it up into three smaller images for a space saving piece of art.

Photo by: Shutterfly

An accent wall is a great way to liven up a small space! Choose your favorite wallpaper and then pull colors from it to incorperate in your bedding and decor.

Photo by: Hey Mama Blog

Consider using eye-popping decor like these paper flowers! Light colors will help open up a small room.

Photo by: Million Ways To Mother

Using light and basic paint colors on your walls will allow you to play with color in your decor, bedding and throw pillows!

Photo by: Little List

In a small bedroom, every inch of space counts. To save room on your bedside tables, consider mounting reading lamps to the walls!

Photo by: Oleander + Palm

It's important to minimize clutter in a small bedroom. Instead of placing picture frames on shelves and beside tables, create a gallery wall of your favorite pictures, artwork and decor.

Photo by: Fancy Farm Girls

Using white will help open up a small bedroom, but will also give you the flexibility to change the bedding and decor colors more frequently.

Photo by: Kristy Wicks

If you have multiple windows, use them to your advantage! Hang sheer or light curtains to allow the sun to shine through and open up your bedroom.

Photo by: Design Crush

Simplifying your bedroom will make a small space look bigger! Choose a basic color scheme and decorate with minimal decor to accomplish this look.

Photo by: Love Love Love

If you're having a hard time landing on a color scheme, consider using white as your base and decorating with multicolored pillows and decor.

Photo by: Squirrelly Minds

Wall moldings will add an elegant touch to your bedroom without the need for intricute artwork. If you have a uniquely shaped room or ceilings, this is a perfect way to give it structure.

Source: With Justine

Photo by: Emilie Iggiotti

Symmetry and simplicity is key for a small bedroom. Think about how you can elimate clutter through storage, drawers and organization.

Photo by: Room for Tuesday

If you use neutral colors in your bedroom, you'll have the opportunity to change up the pillows, bedding and decor based on the seasonality or your taste.

Photo by: Happy Chic Mom

It's important to have disguised storage if you have a small bedroom. Consider using short dressers as your side tables for more space!

Photo by: Dapper House Designs

If you have wood panel walls, consider painting them white! It willl modernize and open up the room.

Photo by: Love My Simple Home

Light colors will help open up a small bedroom and allow the flexibility to change your bedding and pillows more often!

Photo by: A Thing Of Beauty

Simplicity is key in a small bedroom! Decorate with understated picture frames, bedside lamps and throw blankets.

Photo by: New Darlings

Consider your contrast! If you opt for a navy blue room, choose lighter colors such as white, gray and light pink to complement the deep color.

Photo by: Her Life + Loves

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