Statement Jewelry Moves to Empowerment


Monogrammed jewelry has long been in fashion with pieces being passed down in families for generations. Sex and the City’s main character popularized the nameplate necklace when she wore her cursive “Carrie” on the small screen. More recently, statement accessories have been packing a punch with everything from witty sayings to political causes printed on them. 2018 has been called “The Year of the Woman” and as females around the globe speak up and speak out about all the issues that affect them — from closing the wage gap to human rights — empowerment jewelry is on the rise. Wear your passions with pride.

10 Sentiments Inspired by The Women’s Movement

  1. Womenspiration
  2. Shero
  3. O+
  4. I am the future. The future is now.
  5. Persist.
  6. #timesup
  7. Talkin’ about a revolution…
  8. Femme & Fierce
  9. Proud member of the girl gang
  10. Fight like a girl

More is More

The simple cuff bracelet complements any outfit. To make a bolder statement, wear a stack. Make each piece unique by changing the notions and fonts.

The bar necklace comes in rose gold, silver and gold. Mix all the metals by clamping the chains at different lengths to get the layered look. Justify the sentiments right, left and center when creating to further personalize.