5 Stunning Steampunk Inspired Wedding Invitations

A steampunk wedding brings to life a unique science fiction genre that combines Victorian-era décor with punk rock accessories. Add to that steam-powered technology, hot air balloons, and other makeshift machinery.

The steampunk genre offers a myriad of iconic motifs and imagery you can incorporate into your wedding day décor.

The bride designing a steampunk wedding might wear a traditional Victorian-style wedding gown with stripes of bright purple and black lace; the groom might wear a top hat with goggles. Edgy and whimsical? That’s the both of you in a nutshell.

Expert event planner Christine Zohrabians is more than familiar with designing weddings with special themes. Founder of Fancy That Events, Christine’s approach to designing a theme is all about balance.

“I always encourage couples to think about the timelessness of the theme, especially when it comes to invitations,” she says. “Will you still love the look of your invitation 25 years from now?”


Steampunk Wedding Invitations

Whether you’re planning a casual or sophisticated steampunk-themed wedding, here are five stunning examples of steampunk invitations to inspire your dream steampunk wedding. To create these invitations, use our wedding invitation templates and upload your own custom imagery.

Perfect Border

A wedding invitation featuring a steampunk hot air balloon.

Classic steampunk-era images such as a hot air balloon and clock gears hint at your unique wedding theme and whimsical style.

The Perfect Border wedding invitation allows you to upload any image and select a custom color palette that matches your wedding day décor. In this example, using an illustration of a hot air balloon and steampunk gears creates an ideal background to a whimsical steampunk wedding invitation.

Invite your guests to your steampunk wedding with the Perfect Border wedding invitation.

Extravagant Affair

A steampunk-style wedding invitation

Use customizable wedding stationery to create unique steampunk-inspired wedding invitations that will excite your guests.

Give your friends and family a first look of your steampunk-inspired wedding style with the Extravagant Affair wedding invitation. This customizable wedding stationery template features a classic steampunk-era illustration of a gentleman wearing an 1800s top hat with clock gears. Use this contemporary invitation for formal or cocktail attire wedding affairs.

Create a stunning steampunk-inspired wedding invitation with Extravagant Affair.

 A Perfect Match

Cobalt blue wedding invitation.

Design tasteful steampunk-inspired wedding invitations by uploading a background image that hints at the unique science fiction genre.

A Perfect Match wedding invitation features a cobalt blue background of a birdcage and vines, providing just a hint of the steampunk look without giving it away. Use this template to upload any background photo and customize the script to match your wedding day color palette. This is a great option for casual and informal wedding parties with a steampunk theme.

Order the Perfect Match wedding invitation with your unique details.

Shimmering Perfection

A wedding invitation featuring steampunk gears.

Shimmering Perfection is given a steampunk makeover with this custom background image of classic steampunk gears and clocks.

This lovely stationery features a sophisticated border with Shutterfly’s foil-stamped detail, available in sparkling silver, gold, and copper. Customize it with a collage of steampunk gears and vintage clocks to turn Shimmering Perfection into your dream steampunk wedding invitation. Along with using a custom photo, you can personalize the color palette to nail your unique wedding day look to reflect the design you want.

Design your own steampunk wedding invitations with the Shimmering Perfection wedding stationery.


Rustic Enchantment

A rustic wedding invitation with a steampunk hot air balloon.

An illustration of a steampunk hot air balloon adds style and fun to the Rustic Enchantment wedding invitation.

This contemporary rustic wedding invitation is given a steampunk twist with a custom photo of a makeshift hot air balloon from this science fiction genre.

With a pop of bright red script, the final look is casual and fun, ideal for backyard or casual steampunk wedding parties.

Personalize the Rustic Enchantment wedding invitation with details of your big day.

Personalized Steampunk Wedding Invitations

Shutterfly helps you design stunning steampunk wedding invitations with your unique vision in mind. Explore customizable wedding stationery, featuring easy-to-use templates that allow you to use your own photographs, images, and color palettes. Finalize your wedding stationery with the type of paper and trim that brings your steampunk theme to life.

Wedding Invitation Wording

With your steampunk theme dialed in, our wedding invitation wording examples guide will take you from designed to print-ready invitations in no time. The guide provides invitation wording examples and etiquette tips that match the formality and theme of your big day.