Custom Face Masks

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to stay safe and protect yourself and others with protective face masks. With Shutterfly, you can choose from classic patterns or create your own personalized face mask to make the most out of staying safe. We have customizable and reusable face masks that come in sizes for kids and adults. One size will fit most, and our customizable masks are meant to fit securely and comfortably against your face and ears. We recommend that you wash your custom face masks before the first use and after each use. Here are some of our best masks for everyday use and ways you can creatively customize your own mask.

Create Custom Face Masks for Birthdays

Birthday celebrations are important for children, as well as adults who are having milestone birthdays, and they deserve to celebrate safely with custom face masks. We have two variations of our Kids Rainbow party masks, so you can keep the kids as safe as possible while they have fun at the party. Explore our text-only masks printed with “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” in rainbow letters and customize the bottom text with the name of the honoree and the age they’re turning. We also have a photo version with the same information, and you can upload a photo of the lucky birthday boy or girl, so they’ll have a special mask with a comfortable fit.

Design Your Own Personalized Face Masks for Weddings

Weddings and the following reception are often large social events, but even if you’re having a small backyard wedding, you’ll need custom wedding face masks that match the occasion to socialize safely. Fortunately, we have beautiful custom-printed face mask designs for weddings, including our Text Gallery Bride and Text Gallery Groom masks. The default design is a pink background with “Bride” or “Groom” written in elegant script above the date of the wedding, but you can personalize the mask with your own background color and unique text. We even have mask layouts that support up to 11 photos, so you can show off some of your best couple’s photos on your wedding face masks, like a photo of the two of you at a rehearsal dinner.

Stay Safe with Custom Face Masks for the Holidays

Everyone deserves to be able to see their friends and family for the holidays and celebrate, and our custom face masks are here to help. We have holiday-inspired mask designs for both kids and adults, including our “All I Want” mask that’s decorated with a red background as well as white snowflakes and text starting with “All I Want for Christmas Is…” and you’ll fill in the blank with your own message. We recommend that kids’ masks only be used with adult supervision, and speaking of adults, they can enjoy using our “Ugly Sweater” mask. Personalize this mask with up to three photos from a fun holiday party or winter event for a truly unique face mask.

Customize Face Masks for Graduations

Graduating high school is a major milestone in every young adult’s life, and they deserve a safe ceremony and graduation party, which is why we make graduation-themed custom face masks. Shutterfly’s Adult Graduation custom mask fits most people attending a graduation ceremony so you can be sure you’re picking the right size. Design one that’s truly special for your star graduate when you personalize their mask with happy photos and include their graduating class details across the front. Our standard background for this mask is black, but you can choose any design color you want to match their school spirit.

Pet-Themed Custom Face Masks for Animal Lovers

Animals deserve love, care, and safety during difficult times as well, so we have Photo Gallery Pet custom face masks for both kids and adults, so you can show your support for our animal friends. Shutterfly’s custom masks support one to 11 photos, and our default designs feature the snout and mouth of a dog in place of your nose and mouth. Of course, you can personalize the mask with your own pet photos or your favorite breeds. These are great to wear anywhere, and they would certainly make a splash at the local animal shelter.

Use Custom Face Masks to Spread Positive Messages

As one of our popular kids’ custom face masks says “Kindness Is Also Contagious” and spreading kind messages wherever you go may just be what someone needs. This design features eye-catching hearts on a light blue background that’s soothing to look at. Our adult “Better Days Are Coming” mask also spreads a message that many people need to hear, and you can personalize the bottom text to add whatever message you want. We also have a Rainbow Pride adult mask, so you can show your support to the LGBT community.

Support a Cause With Your Own Custom Face Mask

If there’s a cause you’re passionate about, you can always create your own custom face masks by uploading your own logos and photos to spread the word. Make a “Support Seniors” mask to wear when you volunteer at the local nursing home or make a mask that encourages people to recycle. We’re happy to help you design any mask you want with either text-only or photo layouts that spread the word about any important work.

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