Wedding Candles

If you’re looking for a creative and unique way to show your appreciation to all your loved ones who plan on attending your wedding, consider shopping for personalized wedding candles at Shutterfly. Our wedding decor candles not only help light up your special day as you walk down the aisle, but can act as beautiful wedding centerpieces, wedding favors for your guests, and can help you match an overall color scheme of your wedding. Pick from one of your favorite scents, and allow our candles to help you and your guests reminisce your wedding day for years to come every time they light it.

Three white candles featuring flowers tea lights and wedding veil in background

Wedding Candles for Your Special Day

Wedding candles come in many shapes and sizes and, naturally, you’ll find that’s the case here at Shutterfly. With nearly 100 customizable templates for every special occasion and a number of sweet-smelling scents to choose from, you can take advantage of our user-friendly design tools to create the glass or ceramic candle of your wedding dreams. Add your wedding date, photos of you and your soon-to-be spouse, and other thoughtful details to have a special piece of wedding day decor, a meaningful favor, or a touching keepsake to help your wedding live on for a lifetime. Your friends, family, and guests will be sure to enjoy the pleasant aroma wafting from your custom candle in addition to the wonderful memories of your wedding day that come with it.

Ceramic Wedding Candles

When properly treated, ceramic is a great material for candle holders, offering a heat-resistant vessel for your chosen wedding candles. Each 15 oz ceramic candle is made with all-natural white soy wax and essential oils, crafted with non-metal, lead-free double wicks. Available in a number of sweet smelling scents, these candles burn for up to 72 hours total, with 3-4 hours recommended at most per use. Each candle is made and personalized in the United States of America, whether it’s with your choice of photos, text, or other romantic details. Choose one of our customizable templates or upload your own design entirely—either way, you’ll have a beautiful ceramic piece for this special occasion.

Glass Wedding Candles

Alternatively, you might prefer glass wedding candles, as glass provides a non-porous, non-flammable vessel for your wax. Our 9 oz glass jar candles are made with an all-natural soy wax blend, essential oils, and a single non-metal, lead-free wick. Each glass candle burns for up to 50 hours, with a 3 to 4-hour burn time recommended per use. These imported candles are personalized in the United States, with your choice of design, photos, text, and other visual elements.

Scented or Unscented Wedding Candles

As you set the mood for your big day, your wedding candles can utilize your guests’ sense of smell to create an ideal setting. A bride or groom who’s drawing upon a coastal theme, for example, might choose ocean breeze scented glass candles, crafted with freshwater minerals, bamboo, aloe leaves, and lemon essential oils. Someone else might prioritize a tranquil wedding scene, opting instead for lavender flower ceramic candles, scented with orange blossom, sparkling verbena, and elegant lavender. Of course, you’ll also want to consider the color scheme of your wedding. A majority of our glass and ceramic candles are made with white wax, however, fireside spice glass candles (with notes of cinnamon, clove, vanilla, brown sugar, and nutmeg) are a romantic red hue.

If you’re designing wedding candles with allergies or sensory sensitivities in mind, unscented glass or ceramic candles are an absolute necessity. You’ll find scent-free candles available across our various styles, meaning you can create any aesthetic while taking advantage of this sensory-friendly option. Each unscented candle is made with 9 or 15 ounces of white wax, ensuring warmth and elegance with each customized piece. If you or your guests are allergic to certain essential oils, get migraines, or otherwise have a sensitivity to scents, these unscented candles are ideal for your wedding and other special occasions.

Whether you choose glass or ceramic, scented or unscented, your Shutterfly wedding candles will be a one-of-a-kind addition to your big day. Customizing a ready-to-create design or uploading one of your own, you’ll have options for every element of your wedding day.

Decorate Your Venue With Wedding Candles

Wedding candles are a nuptial must-have for wedding decor, helping to set the mood for this romantic affair. Consider using your personalized designs as wedding aisle candles, wedding table candles, wedding centerpieces with candles, unique wedding floating candles and even offer them as personalized wedding favors. Your custom wedding candles can be created with any color scheme, theme, or aesthetic in mind, making them the perfect addition to your wedding day decor. You can even designate certain wedding day candles as memorial candles, helping to keep the spirits of departed loved ones near on your special day.

Remember Your Special Day With Keepsake Wedding Candles

For an especially meaningful touch, consider creating wedding candles specifically as favors for your guests. Wedding favor candles are a great way to thank your friends and family members for sharing in your celebration, and your personalized design will ensure they remember the event for a long time still to come. They’ll think fondly of you and your partner each time they light the wick or wicks, and once the candle has burned out, they can clean out the ceramic or glass jar and use it as a meaningful piece of home decor.

Just as your guests can look back on your special day with wedding candle favors, you and your partner can reflect on your wedding day by saving personalized wedding candles designed with exactly this purpose in mind. Choose your preferred design and upload your choice of pictures, if applicable—you might choose engagement photos if you’re crafting these before the big day or pick your favorites from your photographer’s efforts afterward. Customize your candles further with your wedding date, names, or other details for a one-of-a-kind memento. You can even create a collection of these keepsakes, ensuring you‘ll always have a fresh wedding candle on hand to light your home with the warmth of these happy memories.

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