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Seven Tips for Creating Address Labels

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When you spend hours each day on email and social media, sending or receiving a handwritten card in the mail can be a real treat. Don’t let your envelopes blend in with the rest of the mailbox. Make your mail stand out by following these seven tips for creating address labels.

creative address labels

Decide on the Text

First, focus on the text you plan to include in the label. This may seem straightforward, but it can involve a series of tough decisions.

If you’re designing an address label for yourself, consider how you want your name to be displayed. Decide whether you want to include your full name or leave your middle name out. Also, determine whether you want to include a title, or if you’d rather keep it casual.

If you’re creating an address label for the entire family, you have even more options to consider. Keep it simple and refer to yourselves as a family, or get creative and call yourselves a clan or a bunch. If it’s important to list each family member’s name, determine in what order they should appear.

If you’re designing an address label for your business, make sure you’ve listed the business name appropriately. Decide whether to create labels for different departments or individual employees, or simply focus on the business itself.

Pick a Theme

Choosing a great theme for your address label is an important next step, as this includes everything from layout to font to graphics. With so many options to choose from, going in with an idea of the style you like can be helpful.

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address label themes

For example, if you’re looking for a sophisticated theme, you’ll want to keep an eye out for neatly designed frames, tasteful script, and subtle colors. If you’re seeking a feminine theme, look for floral designs, geometric patterns, and fun flourishes. For a playful theme, keep an eye out for whimsical illustrations, polka dots, and vibrant color schemes.

Keep in mind that many themes are available in more than one color. A theme that doesn’t fit your criteria in one color scheme might be the perfect choice in another color.

Choose a Color

The color you choose can completely set the tone for the address label. If you really want to make the label stand out, pick a bold shade or even a neon color as the background. For something a little more subtle, pick a neutral background and save the bold colors for the font.

If you’re not concerned about boldness, sophisticated jewel and earth tones can also work well for fonts, especially when incorporated into a classic design. Don’t forget that neutral fonts and backgrounds can also be a smart choice, particularly when paired with an eye-catching picture or logo.

Add a Logo or Picture

Address labels that only include text can easily be overlooked. Make sure yours gets attention by adding a custom photo, illustration, or logo. Friends and family will love seeing a recent wedding photo, a new family photo, or a cute photo of the kids greeting them from the address label.

If you’d rather not get too graphic, keep the picture simple. For a business address label, go with your company logo. To highlight your family name, an embellished monogram is a great choice.

Mix It up with Seasonal Designs

When it comes to address labels, there’s no need to commit to using the same design year-round. In fact, it’s okay and even encouraged to mix up your labels with new designs to celebrate the seasons and the holidays.

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When it’s time to send out Valentine’s Day cards, be sure to use a love-minded label with a cupid or a heart. When spring rolls around, switch over to a graduation theme with caps and diplomas. As fall approaches, take your pick from pumpkin, witch, or Halloween candy designs. As you get ready to send out Christmas cards, keep it subtle with a classy snowflake design or go all out with Christmas trees, Santa Claus, and piles of presents.

Keep It Legible

When you get into designing a unique label for you and your family, you might be tempted to go a little overboard with pictures and text. Keep in mind that address labels should be fun and personal, but above all, they have to be legible to work properly.

Make sure any text you include, from your name to the address, fits properly on the label without running off the edge. If you can’t fit the text on the label, consider shortening the text or switching to a different design.

Don’t Forget to Proofread

Before you purchase your unique address labels, don’t forget to proofread. It’s easy to make a tiny mistake when typing out your name and address, so before you submit your design, read over the details one last time.

Whether you’re designing a label for personal or business use, also ensure the overall label size will work for your purposes. Double check the label size against any custom envelope or box size to confirm your new address labels will look great on any mail you plan to send.

Envelopes shouldn’t be boring, especially when they hold your greetings and invitations. Follow these tips to make custom address labels that will really stand out.