Personalized Travel Souvenir Ideas for Your Home

Souvenirs are a great way to make your travel memories last forever. These keepsake items allow you to go back in time and relive all of your favorite travels. You’ve collected a plethora of ticket stubs, foreign currency, photos, brochures, and keychains. Now what?

If you need some guidance on how to display the memories from your most recent trip, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the best travel souvenir ideas just for you. Soon you’ll be inspired to get crafty and head out on your next big adventure. Display your travel souvenirs as home decor or use them as a gift for family and friends.

1. Coasters

Seal your most cherished travel memories in a set of four coasters. Did you just recently hit the Big Apple? For each coaster, choose a photo from a different location such as your day walking through the Brooklyn Bridge or adventuring the streets of Times Square. These coasters will make a fantastic addition to any coffee table. Or, use them as a catchall tray for your vanity.

2. Collage Poster

Use this 16-square photo collage to display your favorite vacation moments. Showcase your Italian adventures along the Amalfi Coast or a trip to the Vatican City. Make sure to mix and match a variety of colors that go along with your home decor.

3. Shadow Box

Not sure how to display all of your travel souvenirs in one place? A shadow box is a perfect solution for those who want to consolidate their memories in a fun and creative way. Insert photos, ticket stubs, pamphlets, foreign currency or other small trinkets you collected on your latest trip and display your shadow box proudly for all to see.

4. Jewelry

Jewelry allows you to wear your travel memories and take them wherever you go. Embellish a bracelet with your favorite gemstone accent and include a few photo charms of your most beloved destinations. Show off your Parisian adventures with a photo charm of the Eiffel Tower or the beautiful streets of Paris.

5. Photo Book

What better way to gather all your memories than in a photo book? You can choose from a variety of themes, use embellishments to spruce up your pages, build a collage and even create a stunning cover to be displayed on your coffee table.  

There are so many creative ways to show your friends and family how much you love to travel. From coasters to calendars, turn your photos into beautiful accents for any living space. Check out these other DIY home decor ideas to brighten your home and complement your new travel souvenirs.