Ultimate Gift Guide for 2023

Find the perfect gifts for all of your loved ones with this specially curated ultimate gift guide. This ultimate gift guide will give you great ideas on presents to give to your loved ones, spouses, kids and more. With Shutterfly, you can create personalized one-of-a-kind gifts that are perfect for everyone on your gift giving list. Explore all our best gift products below for everyone you love in your life.

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Gifts for Her

Find the best gift for the special lady in your life with personalized gifts for her from Shutterfly. These gifts are fully customizable to honor your gift recipient and will be memorable keepsakes that she will treasure forever. These versatile and one-of-a-kind presents make great gifts for any woman in your life

Photo Tiles

Make a memorable picture even more special by having that picture printed on a personalized photo tile that will make great wall art and home decor decoration. By using different pictures, photo tiles are easily customizable and easy to install. Surprise your favorite lady with beautiful images she can use to decorate her home as well as admire for years to come.

Custom photo tile wall art for Galentine's or Valentine's Day gifts

Personalized Candles

Set the mood with a personalized candle that can display photos from within. As the candle burns you can see your favorite photo memories shining bright inside the candle. Perfect for any woman in your life who wants to light a candle to set the mood or just relax with the beautiful aromatic scents of lavender and indigo.

Custom Designed Pillows

Add some comfort to the special someone in your life with customizable pillows. These custom-designed pillows feature designs from independent artists that’ll make your gifts completely unique. Perfect for adding personality and patterns to your home, these pillows are a quick and easy way to elevate any space. You can even pair some custom-designed pillows with photo pillows of your most cherished moments for an extra personalized gift.

custom pillows

Photo Mugs

Perfect for any lady who loves to start out her day with a cup of coffee or tea, personalized photo mugs make a great gift for any person. Start out her day being able to see her favorite people or pictures on a mug she will use every morning. It will put a smile on her face and get her motivated for her day ahead.

Personalized Picture Frames

Printing photos to display in your home will always be a sentimental keepsake that will remind you of the best memories of your past. Create a personalized picture frame that will not only enhance your photos but bring more decorative details to a plain picture frame. Personalized picture frames make a great gift for any loving lady in your life and will remind her of all the wonderful times she’s had.

personalized photo frames for gifts for her

Fleece Photo Blankets

Gift a present that is both practical and decorative such as a fleece photo blanket. Fleece photo blankets are fully personalized for any woman, lady or girl in your life. With a variety of designs and layouts, you can customize to fit any color or style that’s perfect for any female in your life.

Fleece blankets 3 in different colors sizes and pictures displayed

Personalized Photo Books

Photo books are a great way to relive your past through pictures. Creating personalized photo books gives you an opportunity to catch a glimpse of all the memories that you’ve had and even catch the little details that you forgot about. Add a special message to the loving lady in your life to remind her of all the great memories she had in the past.

Photobooks with five different themes that make good gifts

Customized Prints

Making a house into a home is easy with customized prints. Custom prints are a great way to decorate your space and highlight any empty wall with prints that show your favorite things or memories.  Customized prints are easy to make and make fantastic gifts for any lady in your life.

Gallery wall with six different photo prints in a variety of sizes and materials, including canvas print and acrylic prints

Personalized Wine Glasses

Personalized wine glasses are the perfect addition to any lady’s wine night. These beautiful stemless wine glasses are fully customizable for all the members of your lady’s wine night club and are keepsake items for future wine night parties. Each lady can have their own name monogrammed on their stemless wine glasses or special pictures printed on the outside.

beautiful wine glass on coasters

Personalized Jewelry

Jewelry is known to be a girl’s best friend, so create a piece of personalized jewelry that any girl or woman would love to wear. From necklaces, bracelets, and more, the options are endless for gifting the perfect gift for that special someone. Personalized jewelry is also great to pass down as family heirlooms to remind future generations of their past history.

Gifts For Him

Finding the perfect gift for the man in your life doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. Making a personalized gift will let your special somebody know that you took effort and thought into making the best gift for him possible. Find out some of the best-personalized gifts for him below:

Custom iPhone Cases

Help keep your favorite guys iPhone protected from scratches and bumps with a custom iPhone case. With raised edges and protective material both inside and out, custom iPhone cases will make the best gift for any guy in your life.

iphone cases for a great fathers daygift

Custom Samsung Galaxy Cases

Make your Samsung Galaxy case different from the rest by creating a custom Samsung Galaxy case. Samsung Galaxy cases are easy and fun by adding your personalized photos, names, and monograms. Next time your best guy picks up his phone he will be able to see the custom Samsung Galaxy phone case telling him which one is his phone from the rest.

Personalized Can Coolers

Keep the man in your life drinks cold and refreshing with personalized can coolers. Can coolers are meant to fit any beer or soda can and will not only keep it cool but will keep his fingers nice and dry from the cold condensation. Customize his can cooler to include a gallery of photos, a personal message, or his name monogrammed to make sure he knows which drink is his.

Personalized Beer Steins

For the craft beer aficionados, create a personalized beer stein that will complement any beer he is drinking. Drinking beer from personalized beer steins will take you to another world while you sit back, relax and enjoy your cold drink. Customize this beer stein with your favorite pictures, meaningful sentiments, or monogrammed names to create the perfect gift for the beer aficionado in your life.


Personalized Aprons

Every kitchen chef or grill master should be well equipped with kitchen equipment in order to make their delicious foods. For the guy grill master in your life, personalize a kitchen apron for him to use every time he fires up the grill. Personalized aprons can include messages such as “The Best Grill Master” and “The Best Chef Ever” to make the individual wearing it feel more special.

Apron with large and small apron sizes and king grill printed on the front

Desk Calendars

Add a touch of design while always keeping his schedule organized with custom desk calendars. Desk calendars are the perfect addition to any desk and bring a style aspect with different colors and designs. Desk calendars come in a variety of styles and templates perfect for any desk.

Desk calender for january 2021 with a happy couple on their wedding day

Custom Bottle Openers

Make opening up a cold one easier with a custom bottle opener perfect for any men’s gift. Custom bottle openers are both versatile and practical tools that will be used every single day. Great gifts for special occasions or everyday gifts, these make great gifts for him.

Wireless Phone Chargers

Perfect gifts for people who always have low battery, wireless phone chargers allow you to fully charge cell phones without a pesky wire. Perfect for nightstands, desks, countertops, the interchangeable picture disks can show different memories at a moments notice. Compatible with wireless charging phones, just simply drop the phone on the pad and watch the phone charge.

Wireless phone chargers perfect for fathers day gift

Custom Phone Card Holders

For the minimalist man, custom phone card holders will allow him to have both his wallet and phone at his fingertips. These easy to convenient and easy to apply phone card holders will add a touch of personalization and style to any phone. Always keep his drivers license, credit cards and cash in a convenient easy to reach place for access at any time.

Custom Post-it Notes

Perfect for writing to-do lists or grocery shopping lists, these custom Post-it notes will be the perfect addition to any desk or kitchen countertop. Customize the Post-it note backgrounds to have color, picture backgrounds, or plain backgrounds with or without borders for an extra special touch. With these custom Post-it notes coming in 2 different sizes and with 50 sheets, you can make a variety of designs to use.

Personalized Post-it notes with name on top and background picture of island

Gifts For Kids

Kids love it when they can open gifts that are specially personalized for them. This list of gifts for kids will make perfect gifts for both boys and girls of all ages. When they open these gifts they will be happy and overjoyed that they can use these personalized items every single day.

Kids Fleece Photo Blankets

Kids fleece photo blankets make a great addition to any nap time or bedtime routine. These warm and soft fleece photo blankets are customizable to include any message or picture your kids would love to see as they drift off into their sleep. Pick photos that are comforting for them so they are able to have sweet dreams of the people pictured in their personalized fleece photo blanket.

Cloth Face Masks

Sometimes kids have a hard time wearing their cloth face masks correctly, either because they don’t like the plain style or regular masks just don’t fit well enough on their face. Create a cloth face mask that will not only match your kid’s style but it will properly fit their small faces. Being able to create cloth face masks allows your to create cloth face masks that match everyone’s personalities.

kids face mask perfect for kids gifts

Kids Personalized Water Bottles

Keep your kids interested in drinking water and staying hydrated with kids personalized water bottles. With a stainless steel bottle and a straw top, these easy-to-drink out-of-water bottles are perfect for any kids and are even BPA, PVC, and Phthalate-Free. Include your kid’s favorite designs, photos, and names to make it easy for them to identify which bottle is theirs.

Custom kids water bottle with a kids design from the art library

Personalized Kids Step Stools

Make it easier for kids to rise up to every occasion with this personalizable single step stool. These personalized kids step stools are versatile products that help reach for things that are a little higher, but also acts as a small stool to sit on.

Kids Puzzles

As kids learn the skills of problem-solving, putting together a kid’s puzzles is a great way to get their minds moving and helps them with their problem-solving skills. Kids puzzles make a great gift because it’s entertaining for the kids to complete them and it can serve as a time where families can bond with their kids.

Jigsaw puzzle for kids with dinosaurs

Kid’s Beach Towels

As the weather gets warmer, the perfect accessory for any beach or pool day is the perfect kid’s beach towel. Kids beach towels are made with plush cotton and are personalized in the front with different patterns or images. Choose a pattern that best matches your child and give it to them as a gift for their next pool day.

Photo beach towels for kids for the perfect beach day

Kids Tableware

Make mealtime even better with personalized kids tableware. Our kid-friendly plates, cups, and placemats are perfect for every growing kid. Whether you create these items as a set or as single items, your kids will love using these items during their meal times.

green animal tableware with placemat cup and plate sets for noah

Best Baby Gifts

Baby gifts are always appreciated when a child is born. Creating customized gifts will be versatile and long-lasting keepsakes that will be appreciated by both the parents and the baby. These personalized gifts make great baby showers and first birthday gifts.

Personalized Baby Blankets

Keep the newborn baby warm and comfortable with a personalized baby blanket made just for them. With layouts and designs that have woodland creatures, princess crowns, the moon and stars, and more; each baby blanket created will be a one-of-a-kind blanket.

Baby blankets perfect for baby gifts

Personalized Story Books

The best way to get a baby to go to sleep is to read them a soothing story while they doze off to dreamland. Creating a personalized storybook with the main character as the baby will make them feel special and invincible. These personalized story books will also make a great keepsake item for the baby to look back on when they grow up.

Personalized story book for a baby gift

Custom Night Lights

Bring light into a dark room with a custom night light that is perfect for babies. As babies are sleeping, they can get scared when they can’t see anything if they wake up in the middle of the night. These custom night lights will keep them feeling safe during the night.

Kid nightlight for best baby gifts

Holiday Gifts Throughout The Year

Make searching for your next holiday gift easier with Shutterfly’s list of best holiday gift products to give to your loved ones for any holiday occasion. From Mother’s Day gifts to Father’s Day gifts, there is a perfect gift for any holiday throughout the year. Find the best personalized holiday gift for your family and friends below.

Mother’s Day Gifts

Though it’s easy to celebrate mom throughout the year, offer her special Mother’s Day gifts that show her it’s her special day! Take the time to create a personalized gift that’s both useful and sentimental. Whether she loves to spend time in the kitchen or simply relax at home, Shutterfly has kitchen accessories, home decor, and home accents that can match her style. She’ll especially love purely sentimental keepsakes like photo books where she’ll be able to look back on some of her favorite family memories. Browse some of our best gifts for mom below!

Instant Books

The best Mother’s Day gifts are the heartwarming ones where she can reminisce about the great moments of her past. Create an easy and fast instant book that will remind your mom of all her favorite pictures and memories she’s had over the years. These great 6×6 instant books will make a great keepsake item that your mom will be able to look back on for years to come.

Instant photo book with pictures of a family for a gifts

Ceramic Mugs

Create a unique ceramic mug for your mom this Mother’s Day by adding her favorite photos for a stylish, exclusive design that is made just for her. These ceramic mugs are perfect for both hot and cold beverages and are even microwave and dishwasher safe. Every time your mom uses her unique mug she will be thankful that she received it as her Mother’s Day gift.

Mug and bowl of berries on table.

Personalized Wine Glasses

Perfect for moms who love a glass of wine, these personalized stemless wine glasses are fully customizable to include pictures, names, quotes, and more on the outside of the wine glass. Each time she uses her personalized wine glass she will always be reminded of the best Mother’s Day present she received from you.

mothers day personalized wine glasses perfect for mothers day gift

Personalized Keepsake Boxes

Help your mom keep her jewelry organized and put together with a custom keepsake box. Personalized keepsake boxes are made with oak wood with a mahogany lacquered finish and are fully customizable to include a sentimental picture on the top of the keepsake box. This gift will make the perfect Mother’s Day gift for any mother or grandmother in your life.

Personalized Mason Jars

Perfect for any spring picnic or summer barbecue, these personalized mason jars will definitely be on your mom’s Mother’s Day wish list. Customize her mason jar to include her name, monogram or any other loving message you want to present to her this Mother’s Day. This versatile mason jar is not only perfect for drinking out of, but will also make a unique vase to put her Mother’s Day flowers in.

Mothers day gift for personalized mason jar

Father’s Day Gifts

Be sure to show dad some love too this year with custom Father’s Day gifts. Shutterfly’s gifts for dad are completely unique and unlike anything you can pick up at the store. He’ll appreciate the thought and care that goes into every gift, whether it’s an office accessory he can use at work or a personalized kitchen accessory he can use while cooking for the family. By adding his favorite themes and styles to any gift, he’ll know you appreciate him and all his quirks! Shop Shutterfly’s best gifts for Father’s Day below.

Personal Beer Growlers

Have dad store his favorite beers and drinks in his own personalized beer growler. Beer growlers are fully customizable with a beautiful etched design on both the front and the back of the growler. Pair this growler with other bar related items for the best gift your father received for Father’s Day.

personalized beer growlers perfect for fathers day gift

Custom Designed Fleece Blankets

If your dad loves to take naps, these fleece blankets will keep him warm and comfy while he catches some z’s. Whether you want to add your favorite memory or a stylish pattern, custom fleece blankets are a versatile product doubling as a sentimental keepsake piece as well as a warm and fuzzy blanket. You can choose from an array of designs to customize a unique blanket for any bed or couch. Designs by Spoonflower independent artists have everything you need to make the ultimate gifts for dad.

custom fleece blankets

Travel Tumbler

Dad’s are always on the run, make sure his drinks are always with him and at the right temperature with travel tumblers that he can use every day. Travel tumblers are great for both hot and cold drinks and have pictures along the bottle which you dad can admire each time he picks up his travel tumbler. Add different memorable photos for your dad to treasure everyday.

Travel mugs that will make the perfect fathers day gift

Metal Custom Magnets

Let your dad see your smiling faces everyday with a metal custom magnet that can be stuck on fridges or file cabinets. Your dad will love to see your face every time he uses these items and will be reminded of the great times he’s had in those pictures

Photo Coasters

Everytime your dad reaches for his drink, he will be able to see the pictures and memories printed on his photo coasters. These photo coasters will be a conversation piece that everyone will notice and your dad will be able to brag about the wonderful gift he received for Father’s Day.

Personalized coasters for fathers day with a wife and son pictured

How to Shop Gifts for People Who Have Everything?

Still struggling to shop gifts for that person who already has everything? If useful gifts don’t seem to appeal to them, it’s always a good idea to go the sentimental route. When you design photo gifts with their favorite memories, you can’t put a price on making their memory come to life again. A custom photo book is always one of the best ideas because it doesn’t take up too much space – if you’re gifting for someone who has a strict home decor style, they can always add the photo book to their bookshelf without worrying about how it looks with their other decor.

For useful gifts, take the time to think about who they are and what they like to do. If they’re an athlete or sports fan, they’re sure to have all the equipment they need. Yet, making a custom hoodie for them to use while they’re working out will stand apart from anything they can get from the store. The same goes for most hobbies, like cooking and baking. Creating a personalized gift they might not need will always be appreciated since it’s something unique and special to them. If all else fails, you can always give them a gift card to Shutterfly. Gift cards might not seem as meaningful, but they truly mean a lot to the person who then has the freedom to create their own products.

Young curly hair satisfied happy african girl woman lady shopaholic customer sit on sofa unpack parcel delivery box look at clothes take out grey pullover sweater, online shopping shipment concept.

More Tips for Custom Photo Gifts

Whether you’re gift giving for birthdays, weddings, weddings, or other occasions, Shutterfly’s photo gifts let you customize as needed. Before you design your gift, consider who will be using it as well as where it might need to be within the home. You’ll want to customize a gift that looks great for the person you’re giving it to, not just your own personal preferences. Use these tips below to make sure you’re designing and giving gifts that everyone will love: 

      • Include their current style – If you’re gifting any type of accessory or home decor, make sure you’re matching their style. If it’s something they’ll be using often, you want it to be in the same colors and designs that you see them wearing or using throughout their home.
      • When in doubt, keep it small – If you’re struggling with choosing a gift, you can always err on the smaller side of things to make it more useful. Gifting a large poster print is great when you know what they’ll love, but a smaller tabletop picture or other gift would be just as nice for the person who already has plenty of wall decor.
      • Ask for help – Don’t hesitate to ask for help when it comes to choosing or designing a personalized gift. Ask the recipient if they’ve had their eye on specific items this year, or get their input on patterns and colors they love. You can always ask other loved ones close to them to get their advice as well.
      • Use what they love – If you’re creating photo gifts, use photos that you know will make them smile. Photos of kids, pets, and family memories are always a great option. If your friends, pull out some old photos they may have forgotten about. They’ll always love seeing their favorite memories!

Wrapping Up With Gifts

Gift giving is all about showing you care. Whether you’re offering a present you know someone needs or you’re celebrating a beautiful memory you have together, your loved ones are sure to appreciate it. This year, use our ultimate gift guide to help choose the perfect gifts for friends, family, colleagues, and more. Shutterfly’s variety of personalized gifts are perfect for small presents as well as big occasions where you really want to make a statement. Why not stop there? Don’t forget about yourself! Gift giving is something everyone can enjoy. When it’s time to splurge on yourself, invest in home decor and products you know you’ll love since you have a hand in creating them. With gift ideas for everyone, Shutterfly has you covered.

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