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Valentine’s Day Quotes: What to Write in a Valentine’s Day Card

Love is a four letter word that comes in all shapes and sizes— in the words we speak to close a phone call, in the tireless hours we invest in our passions, and in the heart shaped emojis our fingers quickly type to friends. Love is love; it’s seen in many moments of our lives and every February we get an entire day devoted to reminding those near and dear to our hearts of this four letter word.

What to Write in a Valentine’s Day Card

As a celebration of Valentine’s Day people exchange flowers, Valentine’s Day gifts and scribble love notes on the blank spaces of greeting cards. Although we express how we feel almost every other day of the year, on Valentine’s day, it’s always more difficult to put feelings on paper. Before you begin writing your heartfelt Valentine message think about the person you are writing to.

We’ve listed 5 steps below that will help you create the perfect Valentine’s Day cards:

  1. Address your Valentine. Start your message off by addressing your card recipient. Your opening phrase should reflect your relationship with whom you are writing to.
  2. Wish your card recipient a Happy Holiday. This is usually accomplished with a simple phrase like, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”
  3. Write a heartfelt message. When writing your message, speak from the heart. Add personalized touches to let your Valentine know how much you care.
  4. Use a quote to inspire your Valentine’s Day message. Don’t be afraid to borrow a few words from your favorite writer or poet. Valentine’s day quotes can be very touching additions to your greeting card and go great with a box of chocolates or handmade Valentine’s Day gift.
  5. Sign your card with love. Use a loving closing to wrap up your Valentine’s day message and end your greeting just as it started off.

Whether you’re crafting a note for a friend, a family member or a partner, our collection of Valentine’s Day quotes will help you get started and may even inspire you. Add something more to your Valentine messages than “CRAZY 4U” with these Happy Valentine’s Day quotes.

Scroll through our entire collection or quickly jump to quotes perfect for your Valentine:

Happy Valentine’s Quotes

Famous authors, poets and notable figures have been trying to put love into words for ages. When your words escape you, borrow these Happy Valentine’s quotes to make that someone special feel loved.

Funny Valentine’s Day Quotes

If your Valentine appreciates good humor and an even better laugh, add a few funny Valentine’s day quotes to your message. These quotes will help you make light of the holiday in good humor.

Valentine’s Day Quotes for Him

When you’re trying to figure out what to write in a Valentine’s day card for him just remember to keep your message personal. Before you begin writing your message, think about why this person is special to you. You can also think about things that the two of you do together and how they wouldn’t be the same without him. You’d be surprised at how far a little personalization can go.

Use your pet name for him, jot down a list of inside jokes that only the two of you share and find some inspiration with these Valentines day quotes for him.

Valentine’s Day Quotes for Her

Remind her of the beauty you get to see everyday and fill the space of your Valentine’s day card with words that will touch her heart. These Valentine’s day quotes will elevate your message to match all of your special gift ideas for her this Valentine’s day.

Perfect Valentine’s Day Quotes for Friends

Friendship is an extraordinary kind of love that may not always get the credit it deserves. Whether your friendship is more playful or serious, sending a Valentine’s day card to your friends is a great way to remind them how much you enjoy their company. Pair your card with one of our Valentine’s day box ideas to surprise your friend with a thoughtful gift.

Be sure to remind those close to your heart what their friendship means to you with a few Valentine’s day quotes.

Cute Valentine’s Day Quotes

Valentine’s day is symbolic of all things adorable. From heart shaped candies to fluffy life-sized teddy bears and Valentine’s cards, there may not be a more endearing holiday. This Valentine’s day, make your Valentine feel darling and dedicate a quote to him or her. The only thing better than a Valentine’s day message is a cute Valentine’s day message, right?

Valentine’s Day Quotes for You

Always remember to love yourself! These Valentine’s day quotes serve as a little reminder of how important it is to love yourself first.

Valentine Wishes

Don’t forget to wish your Valentine a very happy Valentine’s Day! We’ve listed below some of our favorite messages to wish your loved one well in the coming year. Pick your favorite or use them to inspire a special Valentine’s wish of your very own.

Other Valentine’s Day Messages and Sayings

Looking for some special messages to add to your Valentine’s? We’ve got you covered. Check out some of our favorite (and silliest) Valentine’s day messages and saying below:

For Candy Valentines:

For Non-candy Valentine’s:

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Your time and recognition won’t be forgotten by anyone who receives a heartfelt Valentine’s wish from you. This year share the love of the holiday with everyone close to you. Valentine’s day quotes serve as the perfect inspiration to help you get started on your messages and show those close to you just how much you care. Don’t forget to sign your card with love and deliver with care (and Valentine’s gifts!).

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