Creative Wall Decor Ideas for Child’s Room

We’re always looking for a fresh start and we can find a chance for this clean slate during a lot of times, whether it be the kids heading back to school or maybe spring-cleaning is just around the corner. Any adjustment to your families schedule or change in routine can be an excuse for some fun re-decorating, re-organizing and re-doing! Today is all about re-vamping your kid’s bedroom! Redecorating your child’s bedroom can be tons of fun since you get to pull from their imagination and make a space that is just right for them. From colors, to themes and accent pieces your child should have a big say in what makes their room theirs.

A great place to start is with the question, “What’s your favorite color, today?” It’s important to remember that your children are constantly changing and growing up (even if it’s hard to believe.) Re-decorating your child’s bedroom also varies a lot with the age of your children. For the younger kiddos, you will get more say in the décor of the room. For the teenaged kids on the other hand, they might not want mom and dad’s help or opinion when it comes to what should go where and which colors look the best. Make sure that when designing this space that the both of you pick items that are appropriate for their taste now as well as, trendy enough to grow with them. We know it’s difficult to pick out décor pieces, especially for you kids, so we have come up with tips for incorporating wall art into your child’s next bedroom re-vamp.


By choosing wall art as an accent piece, you are choosing to make a lot of decisions. The good thing about this is that wall art gives you so many different opportunities to add textures and patterns. Mix and match the art that adorns the walls and have some fun! No matter what design you choose from wood wall art to metal prints, the piece will be able to add a unique and one-of-a-kind feel to any room.

Collage Frames

For the older kids, collage frames are a fun way to display many photos and are a great talking piece for the room. This piece will not only provide your child with something great to look at, but it will also remind them of all those old memories. Collage frames can also be fun for the younger kids as well. Have them pick out their favorite movie and design a collage around that. They are sure to be impressed and they will absolutely love this piece on their wall.

multi photo collage wall art

Metal Prints

Metal prints on the walls will give the room a more chic and industrial feel. Your child is sure to be excited to see this piece on their wall! How fun and unique is it to have a metal art piece of your own? So fun!

black and white metal print

Dry Erase Decals

These dry erase wall decals allow you and your child to have a great time designing them, no matter how old they are! Not to mention, this custom dry erase decal will be a great organization tool as well. Your child will be able to create a to-do list or even have a place for notes. And this time, your child will want to stay organized thanks to their stylish decal.  custom family photo calendar


Did someone say trendy? If during the design process you hear your little one say, “Well, so and so has one up in her room…” then you know that this piece is a trendy must have! Another great aspect about the wall art is that your child gets to design it themselves with a photo, pattern or much more. Your child has a lot of creative authority when it comes to wall art, and they will very much appreciate that.

trendy cityscape canvas print

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Incorporating your son or daughter’s favorite movie into the design element of the wall art adds a very unique touch to his or her room.  There are even customizable wall decals available with movie characters on them!


Showcasing old memories is a fabulous way to make your wall art unique to you. Like we mentioned above, wall art makes it easy to do so with options like collage frames and more. Each and everyday your child is creating new memories, help them cherish their favorite ones by hanging them on their walls.

custom wall art with kid photos



Each and every room needs some texture and pattern. Especially for your older kids, their room should reflect their unique selves and it should be a space where they are inspired. Quotes are a great way to find inspiration and there are a lot of different design options from colors, fonts, and the quote itself.  A little bit of wall art is just what your child’s room has been missing. When it comes to picking out accent pieces, wall art is great at accomplishing the exact feel you are going for.  With the many designs and details to choose from, wall art can fill an empty space and make for a cohesive look in your child’s room! Have fun designing and making memories with your kids, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

beautiful beach inspired canvas print