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40 Beautiful Wedding Bible Verses

The wedding invitations have to be out by Friday, you still need to confirm the bouquet arrangements with your florist, and to top it all off, your mom is complaining about not having a say in the dinner menu. It’s easy to get lost in the stressful moments of planning a wedding but, you should take it all in. More often than not, it’s the custom picked details that will help you enjoy the planning process and make the greatest impact on your big day.  

You’ll want your big day to reflect who you are, what you love and most importantly you’ll want every detail to shine a spotlight on your unique love story. Revel in picking out the details that are particular to the two of you as a couple. If faith plays an important role in your relationship, the two of you should consider incorporating scripture or bible verses in the details of your wedding day. Use these wedding bible verses to express your love and highlight the faith at the center of your relationship.

Bible verses about love and marriage will give you  the opportunity to express your emotions whether it’s through your invitations, your vows or the details of the ceremony. Scroll through our entire collection of scripture or quickly discover verses that best suit you: 

Wedding Bible Verses About Love

The bible provides wonderful verses about love. Take the opportunity to shine a spotlight on your relationship with Christ on your wedding day. Verses in scripture that relate to love will be the perfect way to reflect your devotion to not only each other but also, your faith.

Wedding Bible Verses About Relationships

Honor your religious beliefs on this special day and lift the spirits of your wedding guests by incorporating a few bible verses about relationships. Whether it’s scripture that reminds you of your parents’ loving relationship or the kind of trust and kindness that resembles the two of you, letting your faith guide you in selecting wedding invitation wording can add a special touch to your big day.  

Bible Verses for Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitations will allow guests a look into what your big day will be all about.  Send wedding guests an invitation that perfectly expresses your style. Take the opportunity to highlight your religious beliefs with fitting bibles verses for wedding invitations.

Bible Verses for Wedding Cards

Maybe you’re not planning the big day but, are invited to attend. If you’re unsure of what to write in a wedding card, you can personalize your message by honoring your faith  if you and the couple-to-be share religious beliefs. Find a handful of bible verses for weddings below that will make your wedding card message unique.

Your wedding day resembles the special union of the two of you. Honor your religious beliefs by incorporating wedding scriptures in the big day details. You can celebrate your faith through different design elements and whether it’s as you read your vows or in your invitations, it will help you customize your wedding.

After your wedding day, you may even decide to carry your religious beliefs into the wedding thank you wording when sending out your wedding thank you cards. Don’t forget to follow proper etiquette when crafting your thank you cards.  Your gracious words will go a long way in thanking your loved ones for being a part of your special day.