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Quiz: What Kind of Bride Are You?

Your wedding day is approaching, and the engagement period has brought out your true colors as a bride. The little habits you pick up while planning your wedding have a tendency to reveal your bride personality. Have you started carrying around your wedding planning checklist everywhere you go? Do you spend all your free time searching for the perfect wedding shoes? Or do you feel totally laid back about the whole wedding planning process? You might even surprise yourself because planning a celebration as big as a wedding is full of decisions that can leave even the most level-headed bride feeling slightly overwhelmed.

Whether you’re currently planning a wedding or your partner has been dropping some not-so-subtle hints that one might be in your near future, we’ve put together some of the common types of brides so you can see which one fits your personality. Take our quiz to find out!


What are you looking for in a wedding dress?


If you had to pick one fictional couple that best captures you and your partner’s love story, which would it be?


What type of honeymoon do you dream about?


If you could have one wedding superpower which would it be?


When searching for the perfect wedding stationery, which option would you choose?


What are you looking for in a wedding photographer?


What would be your signature wedding cocktail?


Which celebrity would you most want to give a surprise performance at your wedding?


Which would you choose as your bridal party gifts?


What’s your go-to source for wedding inspiration?


The Budget Bride

The Budget Bride

You’re the budget bride! You want the perfect wedding... as long as it fits within your perfect price range. Just because you’re budget conscious doesn’t mean you’re cheap though. You want to save money for more practical things like a house or the honeymoon, and we don’t blame you! All your choices from the venue to the favors are made with a budget in mind. You probably have a small team of wedding planners (aka your friends and family) to help with all the wedding-related tasks.

If you’re still in the early stages of planning, use our wedding budget calculator to help figure out how you should allocate your money. And if certain things just won’t fit into your budget no matter how you rearrange, DIY wedding ideas are always an option.


The Glam Bride

The Glam Bride

You’re the glam bride! Your gown must have the longest train humanly possible and you wouldn’t be opposed to a small tiara if you found the right one. Royal weddings are basically your version of the Olympics, and hey, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look like royalty on your big day.

Although you’ve probably had a vision of what your wedding would look like ever since you saw your first princess movie, you could spend months searching through wedding dress styles to find the perfect one for you. All you need is your prince charming.


The Planner Bride

The Planner Bride

You’re the planner bride! You and your wedding planner have become so close she should almost be a bridesmaid at this point. Every part of your wedding has a plan (and a plan B). You get comfort from staying on top of all the little details and knowing your day will be exactly how you want it. You’re more likely to stick to tradition for the sake of it. If there’s already a built in wedding ceremony order, why rock the boat?

As a planner it can be hard to let go of expectations, so just in case we have these tips for embracing rain on your wedding day. But knowing you, you’re one step ahead of us and planned your wedding indoors to avoid the unpredictability anyway.


The Sentimental Bride

The Sentimental Bride

You’re the sentimental bride! You’re not too caught up in the details that won’t matter ten years from now, but rather the memories that will be made. Little things like whether your bouquet is blush or baby pink will slide right off your back because your focus is on making sure guests have a good time. Nothing will rattle you because it’s all part of the memories that will come out of the big day—for better or for worse.

You’re more likely to host an intimate wedding ceremony, and in fact, a backyard wedding sounds right up your alley. It’s all about celebrating the love between you and your partner after all.


Mystery Bride

Try answering some more questions to help determine your personality type!