Winery Wedding Invitation Showcase: Romantic Vineyard Wedding Inspiration

Imagine your wedding day encircled by the natural beauty of wine country: vineyards, rolling hills, and blooming rose gardens. A winery wedding is elegant and romantic with plenty of room for personal touches. The final result can be a sophisticated wedding theme that pays homage to the splendor of wine country and celebrates your unique love story.

“Most couples who want a vineyard wedding share a passion for food and wine and want to share that passion with their nearest and dearest,” says Virginia Edelson, founder and principal of the event planning firm Bluebird Productions.

Whether you’re getting married at a vineyard or incorporating the winery-inspired elements into your wedding day décor, your unique winery wedding theme will first be revealed through your invitations.

Winery Wedding Invitations

There are many creative ways to unveil your wedding theme through your invitations.

“A gorgeous watercolor of vines or a small motif that includes a grape leaf are nice additions to the wedding invitation,” says Virginia.

Red and green grapes, wine barrels, and bottle corks are also lovely winery images.

In addition to vineyard motifs and designs, the right color palette can invite your guests and prepare them for a winery wedding. Consider burgundy, purple and browns, or dusty rose, grey, and white.

Expert wedding theme tip: What are some don’ts when designing your winery wedding invitations? Virginia cautions couples from going too far with the winery theme. “We tell clients not to take any element to the extreme. This will prevent an invitation from becoming too cliché,” she says.

The following vineyard wedding invitations from Shutterfly are classy designs inspired by the beauty of wineries and the countryside.


Glowing Bright

Custom photo winery wedding invitation.

A custom photograph of a couple embracing in a garden setting with hanging twinkle lights creates a classy winery invitation.

The Glowing Bright wedding invitation with hanging twinkle lights is a custom template that couples can use to upload their own photograph. The lovely lights along with a verdant garden backdrop creates a chic outdoor wedding invitation that captures the magic and beauty of a vineyard. Contemporary script completes the sophisticated look of this vineyard invitation designed by Yours Truly.

Order the Glowing Bright wedding invitation with details of your wedding day.



Lovely Orchids

Beige wedding invitation featuring orchids.

Delicate blooming orchids on a beige cork background makes an elegant winery wedding invitation you can personalize with details of your big day.

A beige cork background featuring a sketch of blooming orchids creates elegant stationery that’s ideal for formal vineyard weddings or upscale outdoor winery-themed affairs. Designed by pottsdesign, the Lovely Orchids invitation also features graceful cursive script and allows couples to personalize the invitation with their initials and day-of details.

Customize the Lovely Orchids wedding invitation with your initials and wedding information.





 Blooming Forever

Flower watercolor wedding invitation.

Watercolor flowers add a romantic and elegant touch to this chic and contemporary winery wedding invitation.

A romantic watercolor illustration of wine-stained purple and burgundy flowers on a white background makes a simple and chic wedding invitation that complements the winery theme. Great for casual and modern weddings, the Blooming Forever wedding invitation designed by Poppy Studio is also available in dusty rose and peach.

Customize the Blooming Forever wedding invitation with your details and desired color scheme.





 Special Beauty

A modern winery wedding invitation with a wood background and flowers.

A winery garden is brought to life with the Special Beauty wedding invitation that features a rustic wood background and bunches of pink, purple and yellow flowers.

The Special Beauty wedding invitation features a rustic wood background that’s softened by bouquets of pink, purple, and yellow flowers. The unconventional message “Tying the Knot” in loose cursive script adds a contemporary and casual look to this winery wedding invitation designed by Petite Lemon.

Personalize the Special Beauty wedding invitation with your names and wedding details.



Forever Love

Chalkboard wedding invitation with flowers.

A chalkboard background with bright flowers makes a contemporary and chic wedding invitation for vineyard-themed affairs.

The Forever Love wedding invitation looks like a chalkboard menu of wines at a classy vineyard. The dark chalkboard background is brightened by pastel peach and pink flowers and bright verdant leaves. This happy and feminine stationery complements outdoor garden parties, contemporary themes, and rustic winery events.

Order the Forever Love wedding invitation and make it your own.





Personalized Vineyard Wedding Invitations

Love what you see? Now make it truly yours. Vineyard-themed wedding invitations can be personalized to reflect your details as well as your personal taste and style. Your invitations can be further customized with a unique color palette and your choice of trim and paper type.

If you’d like to get a closer look at these or any Shutterfly wedding invitations, you can. We’re offering five free wedding invitation samples so you can touch and feel our designer stationery in person before choosing the one.