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Tell Your Story® Archive DVD

Archive your special memories
Archive DVD pricing
Total Pictures Price
1-100 $9.99
101-500 $14.99
501-1000 $19.99
Each additional 999 pictures, now only $4.99
Shipping & handling
not included
Backup, rebuild or share your growing picture collection. Tell Your Story® Archive DVDs are an ideal way to protect your special memories for years to come—or send high-resolution images to a friend. If you've already experienced a loss on your computer, Shutterfly can help you recreate what was lost.

You receive:
  • Mac and PC compatible DVD-ROM printed with your personalized title and date
  • Full-resolution JPEG copies of your original pictures (without enhancements, such as borders or effects)
  • Protective, clear DVD case

* DVD does not play on movie DVD players

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