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How to Customize Kids School Supplies

When it’s time to go back to school, many kids look for ways to stand out and express their personality, from the clothes they wear to the school gear they choose. Personalized kids school supplies are a perfect way to make back-to-school essentials more fun, colorful and special. After all, if your kids need to carry them around every day, why not add some personality and make them more exciting to use? There are so many ways to create custom back to school supplies for kids—here are a few that are perfect for all grade levels.

Personalized School Supplies Ideas for Kids

Personalized school supplies are a fantastic way to make your kids excited to learn. Get them ready for the new school year with custom back to school gifts made just for them. From personalized backpacks to custom pencils, these cool school gifts will bring a smile to their face when they pull them out in the classroom. Say goodbye to boring notebooks, pencils, and more with these cool ideas that are both simple and affordable.

  • Notebooks: Jazz up plain notebooks by getting ones with customized covers. Kids can find a custom notebook design they love and make it their own by adding favorite quotes, sayings, and pictures to create their own one-of-a-kind back to school supplies. 
  • Pencils: Kids won’t need to worry about getting their standard #2 pencils mixed up with someone else’s when they have their name or nickname put on them. Custom pencils are a great way to add style to your back to school supplies and get your kids excited to learn. With such stylish, personalized school supplies, there will be no room for guessing who they belong to.
  • Backpacks: Kids will love wearing their back to school backpacks when they get to customize their own. Choose a design that best showcases their personality, from sports to animals to bright colors, patterns and more. Emblazon their name right on the front pocket for ultimate customization.

How to Design Custom Back to School Supplies

Let your kids show off their school spirit or personal style with custom made back to school supplies that will live on as treasured keepsakes for years to come. To create the best school supplies for your student, pick out the gear they'll need like folders, backpacks, lunchboxes, notebooks, and more. The best part about designing custom school supplies with Shutterfly is that you can get much of your gear in the same designs so they're all matching. From polka dots and unicorns to dinosaurs and spaceships, you can create uniform personalized school supplies that your child will adore. Customize the back to school supplies with their monogram and favorite colors and designs. You can even upload a favorite photo to feature on your designs so all of your custom school supplies are instantly recognizable. The opportunities for personalization in the Shutterfly Kids Collection are endless—these ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. Personalized school gear makes the best kids gifts for your little ones. From lunch boxes to laptop cases to water bottles, your kids can find both big and small ways to express themselves at school.