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Step Stools

Kids Step Stools

Our personalized kids’ step stools are the perfect addition to your home, providing a practical piece of furniture for your little ones that will help them build their independence and confidence.

Perfect for toddlers and tots as they start to navigate the home, these step stools give kids a convenient way to access various areas that are out of reach, such as sinks, countertops and shelves. With our step stools, kids will gain confidence and also love not having to ask for help every time they need to wash their hands, brush their teeth or get a crayon from the counter.

Step stools are useful for older kids as they join in with cooking or crafting or need to reach a book on a high shelf. They also make great seats - kids of all ages seem to really love using them as a fun seating option – adults, too!

Made of natural pine wood, Shutterfly’s single-step wood step stools are also aesthetically pleasing and provide a stylish addition to any room, without taking away from the decor scheme. 

Design a Custom Step Stool

Choose from our many different designs to match your child’s taste, as well as the decor of the room the step stool will be used in most frequently, whether your child’s bedroom, the kitchen, bathroom or a different spot in your home.

With design themes that include zoo animals, dinosaurs, animals with chef hats, llamas, mermaids and more, there’s a design perfect for every personality and interest. Once you’ve selected the best design for your child, use our online customization tool to design a one-of-a-kind step stool your child will love. Select from a variety of color options available in our Custom Color Palette and add your child’s name and/or a quote or custom message. You may also upload a favorite photo to be the focal point of the step stool design or up to eight photos to create a collage of pictures that capture some of your most special moments.

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