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Blue Flower Pots

Adorn Your Home with Blue Flower Pots

Plants can make a house a home. Not only do our green friends of the plant kingdom look lush and welcoming, but many of them also have air-purifying qualities that help your rooms feel comfortable while keeping you healthy. You don't have to turn the place into a jungle overnight, though. Start with small blue flower pots to tie together with green foliage and the rest of your decor. Soon, you'll find that caring for your plants becomes addictive, as they start to grow and look more beautiful with each passing week. Little by little, you can fill your place with greenery for a setting that friends and family will love.

Taking Care of Plants in Flower Pots

Caring for your indoor plants is a little different than what your outdoor plants require. Start by making sure you have well-aerated soil. The way to do this is easy. Shake some loose potting soil into your flower pots and mix it around to let air flow through it. This protects plants from disease. Find a sunny window ledge or a corner of the room that gets a lot of light. Then, water them as needed. This might vary by plant, so you can search the internet for tips for the plants you choose. If you're growing herbs, prune them now and then to keep them healthy and double the number of herb leaves they yield. Red or blue flower pots with herbs look beautiful in a kitchen window, too.

Personalized Flower Pots Are Charming Gifts

If you're looking for a sweet gift that will last, a flower pot is a lovely choice. Customize pots with housewarming messages for friends who have just moved or share them at graduation as teacher gifts, so the people who helped your children bloom know they're appreciated. Plants are a classic sign of appreciation for friends who have done you favors or when you're going over because you've received a special dinner invitation. Every time they take care of their little plant, they'll remember how much you love them.

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