Custom Computer Mouse

Many of us spend a great deal of time on our computers each day, whether at our workplace, in our home office or for school. Why not dress up your workspace with some personalized tech items you’ll love using? Shutterfly’s custom photo mouse offers a great way to add some personality to your desk and make an otherwise common object fun to use. Instead of having a standard mouse, create a custom mouse that’s personalized with your favorite photos and that reflects your style.

Design a Custom Mouse for Home or Office

Shutterfly makes it easy to create your own custom photo mouse or as a tech gift for a friend. Choose your favorite from our wide array of designs and select your favorite colors, fonts and other customization options. Upload a picture to make your mouse truly yours and enjoy looking at a special memory throughout the day. You can choose to add one photo as well as a photo collage on your computer mouse. If you just want to add a fun design or your monogram, choose a 0-photo mouse design. Our mouse templates include anytime styles as well as layouts for kids photos so you can see your loved ones every time you look down or design a computer mouse for your kids attending school from home. A custom photo mouse will brighten up your workspace and bring a smile to your face every time you use it!

Ideas for the Best Computer Mouse

With so many personalization options, it’s easy to create the best computer mouse that you’ll love. Some great ideas include designing a solid-color mouse with your monogram. If you’re at the office, your coworkers will always know which desk is yours and enjoy seeing a personalized touch. For high schoolers or other students, they’ll love a custom mouse that includes space designs, colorful illustrations, and patterns. With Shutterfly, you can create a desktop mouse that matches everyone's individual personalities. 

More Personalized Office Accessories

A custom computer mouse is a great gift for techies. Whether you need kids gifts or something special for a colleague, a personalized mouse is a great way to go. Want more ways to liven up and personalize a desk or office space with customized photo items? Pair your desktop mouse with a custom mouse pad that makes it easier to navigate your desktop and also looks great. Consider getting one of Shutterfly’s personalized pen and pencil holders to keep your favorite pens and pencils well organized and always have them within reach. If you’re tired of taking notes in a plain-looking notebook, our personalized notebooks are the perfect way to showcase your style in a small way and put the fun back in note taking. Another popular photo desk item is our desk calendars, which can be started on any month and custom made with photos and designs to fit the personality and style of any recipient. With Shutterfly, you’ll find many quick and easy ways to make your office a true reflection of your personal taste, while simultaneously showcasing your favorite memories.