Pencil Cases

Personalized Pencil Cases

Whether you’re shopping for unique school gear for your kids or stylish accessories for your own office, a pencil case is probably on your list. Add a dose of personality with a one-of-a-kind case personalized with your name, photos, custom messages and favorite designs. Personalized pencil cases from Shutterfly offer style, fun and on-the-go functionality for a range of uses and occasions.

So whether you’re treating yourself, getting your kids ready for the new school year or creating a custom gift for someone you know, a customized pencil case may be just the thing.

Make a Pencil Case that’s Uniquely Yours

Express your personal style with a variety of designs and themes—here are a handful of the options you’ll find in our collection:

  • Fun Patterns: Polka dots, stripes, stars, emojis and more add flair to your kids’ school gear or your own office supplies.
  • Disney Favorites: From Buzz Lightyear to Elsa to Mickey Mouse, discover the fun with personalized Disney-themed pencil cases featuring your kid’s favorite characters.
  • Nature Themes: Flowers, cacti, and other nature-inspired designs are perfect for adding a touch of fresh style.
  • Bright Colors: From solid color designs to gradients, make a statement with vivid colors that complement your personality.
  • Monograms: Keep it classic and simple with initials or a monogram on your pencil case.
  • Photo Designs: Highlight a single photo across the entire case or show off several in a modern collage design.

Versatile Storage for More than Just Pencils

Pencil cases also happen to be the perfect size for storing a multitude of other objects and utensils, including paintbrushes, coins, jewelry, makeup, stickers, sewing supplies, small office accessories, craft materials and more. It’s a perfect catch-all for small items you may need to keep in your backpack, desk drawer, craft bin, vanity, car console or virtually any other space in your home or office.

Office Accessories with Plenty of Personality

Pair your customized pencil case with a variety of other office supplies and school gear that happen to be available in coordinating designs and colors. From personalized pencils to backpacks, lunch boxes, notebooks and more, create your own set of accessories that have a curated, tailor-made look. There’s no reason why your workplace, desk or locker should be plain and generic—make a statement that’s uniquely you with fun, chic, personalized supplies and accessories from Shutterfly.