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Wedding Shot Glasses

What customers have to say about our Shot Glasses

October 31, 2018

I have bought this product again and again.

"As an artist, I use Shutterfly all the time. This is one of my favorite gifts. The etched glass is a classy touch.I use the portraits I paint and make sure they look good in the preview. For me, I use the wrap around photos (as opposed to multiple photos) and center the face on the glass. It is perfect for abstract portraits. WOW!!"

September 10, 2018

I'm buying some more...

"I made two glasses - embossed with photos of original art - as a trial for a fundraiser. They looked great were a big hit. We need to make more of them to meet the demand."

June 30, 2018

So pretty!

"This came out a bit more translucent than I expected, and it's glossier and the colors are more vivid on the inside than the outside, the outside is a little clouded and matte, but I think that makes it classier. I used a high resolution picture (taken with whatever camera Disneyland uses for their PhotoPass people) so I don't know if it would work as well with a cell phone picture, but it might."

Make Your Own Wedding Shot Glasses

Looking for the perfect gift for a bride and groom in your life? Want to spice up your own wedding in a custom way? From photos to monograms to wedding-themed quotes, custom wedding shot glasses are a perfect way to express your style and remember your favorite moments forever.

With Shutterfly, you’ll find no shortage of unique designs and ideas for creating custom shot glasses that are both stylish and useful.

Wedding Shot Glass Ideas

There are plenty of reasons to create custom shot glasses for a variety of occasions leading up to your wedding. Here are just a few ideas for personalizing these versatile little gifts for your wedding or someone else’s:

  • Bridal Party: Give your groomsmen or bridesmaids a fun token of thanks with a personalized shot glass for each member of the wedding party.
  • Bachelor(ette) Party: Honor the bride or groom with a shot glass they can use to celebrate their upcoming big day.
  • Wedding: Looking for the perfect wedding gift for friends who are tying the knot? A matching set of his-and-hers shot glasses is fun, thoughtful and a great conversation starter.
  • Keepsake: When the big day is all said and done, commemorate your favorite photos or wedding memories with a custom shot glass to add to your collection.

Other Uses for Shot Glasses

Shot glasses aren’t just for holding liquor or creating a collection. You can even order a set to use in creative ways at your wedding or reception. Here are a few ideas:

  • Wedding Favors: Personalized shot glasses are an elegant and unique way to display wedding favors such as small candies.
  • Candles: Bring an ambient glow to your wedding or reception décor with mini DIY candles inside shot glasses.
  • Condiment Caddies: If you’re serving up good, casual food buffet-style at your reception, shot glasses happen to be the perfect size for holding various condiments.
  • Tiny Desserts: Use your personalized shot glasses to serve miniature desserts at your reception. Fruit parfaits, tiny trifles and other cold, layered sweets are excellent candidates for this cute and fun idea.

No matter how you use your custom shot glasses or who you gift them to, pair them with other personalized barware for added impact.

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