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Dog T-Shirts

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August 16, 2018


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Personalized Dog T-Shirts for Your Best Friend

Admit it – you love dressing your dog up in fun T-shirts to show off its personality and express your sense of style. There’s no shame in your dog T-shirt game… and we get it, so we’ve designed a line of dog T-shirts to fit every breed, big or small.

Unique & Chic Themes for Your Four-Legged Friend

With custom dog T-shirts from Shutterfly, you can take your pet accessories to a whole new level. Choose from a range of designs and themes you can easily personalize with your dog’s name, favorite photos, fun messages and more. Find your favorite from styles including:

  • Big Brother/Sister: Two of our favorites in our pet clothing line are the Future Big Brother and Future Big Sister T-shirts. Whether you’re announcing your future child or you’re thinking of adopting another pet, this T-shirt is a fun way to share the news. Available in small, medium and large sizes, you can personalize it to make it your own!
  • Rescued: Our Best in Show Rescued dog T-shirt lets everyone know that your favorite four-legged pal rescued you. With an “I rescued my human” caption, you can personalize it with your dog’s name.
  • Beware: We can’t get enough of our Rustic Beware of Dog that warns, “He will steal your heart.” You can easily personalize it to say “She” if you have a female dog, too.
  • Animal Print: Got leopard print on the mind? Our Simply Chic Tonal Leopard T-shirt is fresh and feisty. With a leopard print frame, you can upload your favorite pet photo and add customized text, like your pet’s name or a favorite saying.
  • Upload Your Own: Another fun option is the Upload Your Own Design T-shirt. From your favorite sports team logo to a cherished picture, or a fun idea all your own, the possibilities are endless. Simply upload your design or up to four photos and even add a customized message to make it yours.
  • Holiday: When the holidays come around, our Deck the Paws Bright Fairisle dog T-shirt has festive fun written all over it. Not literally – you can choose what it says on the T-shirt. From “Happy Pawlidays” and “Paw La La La La” to something all your own, it’s easy to customize your own holiday dog T-shirt.

Designed to Last

Our customized dog T-shirts are lightweight and 100% polyester. They are available in customized colors and are machine washable for convenience. Available in three sizes – small, medium, and large – they feature bound arm and neck holes to fit your pooch as perfectly as possible.