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DIY Photo Letters: Spell Out Your Cheer



What you'll need:

  • Papier-mache letters
  • Stock paper
  • Book pages
  • Photos printed on regular paper
  • Tacky spray glue
  • Scissors


Use the shape of the letters as a guide and trace onto the book pages or the patterned stock paper (from any craft store). Cut out the shapes.


Use the tacky glue to adhere the paper to the letters. Note: I used a deep brown box to spray into to prevent glue from going everywhere. Alternately, a glue stick or mod podge can be used.


Next, cut out the photos and play with the placement by moving them around on top of the letter. When you are satisfied with the arrangement, run a finger over the edges to mark where to cut. Cut out the photo shapes and glue with Tacky Spray.

F- letters

Propped on a windowsill or a mantel, these papier-mache letters will greet your guests with cheer. They can be used to display a holiday sentiment of your family's last name. Happy crafting!

Petia Mitchell is a wife, mama, lover of photography, vintage anything, driving with the windows down, and cake. Once she had twins, her passion for photography became a personal quest to become proficient with a camera. These are her words and images...