DIY Holiday Card Tree



Deck your hall, mantle or dining table with a holiday card tree that celebrates your loved ones this season! Create a conversation piece with a few organic elements. Here's how:
  1. Grab your favorite vase (we used a sturdy, bulbous gold one with a sheer bow to add some sparkle!) and fill it with thin tree branches from your yard or the park. A holly branch will also work as the berries provide beautiful pops of color. (Note: If you use a lighter weight vase, fill it with sand to ground it.)
  2. Use twine, ribbon or clothes pins to attach the holiday cards to the branches. Alternate sizes and shapes to add visual interest. As more cards arrive, your tree blossoms!
  3. String yarn, ribbon or a popcorn garland around the tree to marry the branches and unify the overall look.
  4. Wrap a few boxes with butcher paper, twine or seasonal adornments (small glittered pinecones, paper stars, or wooden ornaments) and set the packages around the base of the vase.
  5. Once the tree is at capacity, display extra cards around it.