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Eric and Julie Comstock Discuss Their Design Inspiration


Eric and Julie Comstock

Photo by: The Comstock family

Eric and Julie Comstock approach life with a sense of humor.  The artists of Cosmo Cricket (an anagram of Eric's name) immerse themselves in every creative project — be it designing their new Happy Hauntings style or getting festive for Halloween with their four kids.

Q. What inspired you to create the Happy Hauntings style?
A. I think it was when Eric, at 6'6" with really long, skinny legs, put on a pair of striped tights and high heeled boots. Just kidding!  Doesn't everyone love Halloween?
Q. What element does design play in telling a story?  
A. Design sets the mood.  In this case the fun and spooky mood. I guess you could think of design in print like the music in a scary movie.

Q. How do you celebrate Halloween?
A. Well, my kids were just asking me when I was going to be a witch again. Every year, I pretend to be a witch and make a special poison brew. Even though our kids are getting older, they still love the jars decorated with labels like Gizzards of Lizards that I fill with the ingredients for the potion.

Q. What's your greatest Halloween memory?
A. Eric's favorite memory is his about an elementary school haunted house. It was completely dark and they had bowls on tables filled with things for them touch. One was olives for eyeballs, another was noodles for guts, jello for brains, etc. My favorite memory is making our oldest child a robot costume out of metallic copper fabric. I put button holes down the chest and we got battery operated christmas lights that poked through each of the holes. He loved it!

Q. What is your favorite Halloween photo opp?
A. Getting pics of the kids right before they leave to trick or treat.

Q. Black and white or color photos?
A. We don't have a favorite, we like both. It just depends on the setting.

Q. Candid or posed pictures?
A. Candid for sure! If only we could get our 12 year old to agree.

Q. Are you more comfortable behind the lens or in front of it?
A.  I don't know that I'm very good on either side of the lens. Eric gets some great pics though....on both sides in my opinion.

Q. What makes a story?
A. Honesty. Don't worry about creating the "perfect" world. It doesn't exist!

Q. If you were to be remembered by a single image, what would it look like?
A. For Eric, an Eames lounge chair because he loves the great design. For me, Don Quioxte because I believe the impossible, never give up and am completely insane.