Love Hunt: Valentine's Day DIY



John Baxter is a husband and father of two. He is passionate about his family, photography, cooking, fishing and outdoor activities. John loves sharing his creative ideas and stories. He will continue to do so as a member of our 2013 Storytelling Creative Team. These are his words and images...

Couples can reminisce about all of their milestones with an interactive photo scavenger hunt — a "Love Hunt". The activity reminds us why we fell in love in the first place. The love hunt is a journey, so is true of life.


Location: Ideally your home; but it can be any place of your choosing.

Items needed: 

  • Printed pictures of, or from, all your special times.
  • A pen to write on the back of each photo.
  • A Shutterfly photo book that focuses on your love by showcasing special moments.
  • A creative imagination.


Executing the idea:

  • First, pick out pictures from, or relating to, the most important times in your life together. For example, when you met, when you first knew you loved the other person, a favorite trip taken, your wedding and birth of a child, etc.
  • Write a note on the back of each picture that conveys the feelings you have about that moment (or what you were thinking at the time the picture was taken). Leave space to write the next clue! You will have to come back to this after you've figured out all the places in your house where you will hide them.
  • Design the hunt by correlating the event in the picture to something relevant in your house.


For example:

  • To remember our trip to Spain, I hid the photo clue in a cookbook that we purchased on our trip.
  • For our engagement, we paused to watch the old video before she continued on the hunt.
  • For our wedding, we stopped and flipped through the album together.

lovehunt6 copy

After finding a number of clues and objects around the house, there was a final prize. I hid a "Serendipity" photo book in our bed.