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Ornaments for All Seasons: DIY Fall Wreath



Add a bit of sparkle to Autumn by making a festive door wreath that pairs natural tones with metalliac textures.



1 handmade or store-bought wreath

1 spool of copper wire

1 glue gun

1 bag of glue sticks

20 - 30 metal ornaments


1. Figure out where you want to place your copper bow — top, bottom or either side. This will help you determine how much space it will take up.

2. Make 6-7 loops of copper wire. Cut a 12 inch strip, this will be what you tie in the middle of your loops to make a bow. Attach your bow to the wreath with your leftover wire ends.

3. Glue gun your metal ornaments to the wreath. Fall is a windy season so be generous with the glue.

4. Attach a 3M hook to your door and hang the wreath.